Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kate's sale

Kate's sale still going on ....I check it daily, sometimes twice and since I missed out on the first treasure I wanted to own, I made sure not to hesitate today when I bought this.

Described by Kate 'This is, oddly, one of my favorite things I have ever made. It fits like a dream, and the little blue bead by Joyce Rooks is one of the loveliest color combos I've ever seen. Funny how such a simple bead can give such joy,'

This probably is the 7th or 8th of Kate's rings that I own, but I love how different and organic and artistic and, well how wondeful they are.

To find a treasure of your very own look here, but look often and don't hesitate

Kate McKinnon’s Fabulous Sale: Components, Materials, and Collectible Beads

Kate McKinnon’s Fabulous Sale: Jewelry, Kits, and Classes

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Christina J. said...

That's a great ring! I keep forgetting to check her page more than once.