Friday, August 7, 2009

What I am doing

What I am doing and what I should be doing are two different things....I should be doing, well nevermind, if I told some of you might worry that I won't be ready for what I should be doing, but I always am, at least so far in my bead life.

So instead of what I should be doing, I'm making these

Cute little stitch markers for my February Lady Sweater (coming along, thanks for asking, pictures as soon as there is something to see) I've been told by those that go before me that I need a lot of stitch markers and these are so cute, and yes I did make some others, but then I got the Swarovski briolettes and I love the sparkle and I know it will make me incredibly happy as I am knitting interminably long lengths of lace to have these little beauties swinging from the needles.

and then I'm getting ready to make these

well at least they combine the yarn and the beads. Something which seems to make good sense since I am selling my beads in a yarn store! They are Rani from the latest I'm using Blue Sky Alpaca silk mohair and I'm loving the softness.

And later today I will be writing directions for an upcoming project.

I really will, just as soon as I complete my sweet little stitch markers.

Supply list

3 inches of beadalon .015 stringing wire silver
2 crimps
1 3 mm olivine ab crystal
1 flower cupped sequin
1 faceted swarovski briolette crystal ab
1 4 mm olivine ab crystal

1 comment:

LJeanCreations said...

Marcia, I love the sweater and the cuffs. Thanks for including patterns. I think I'll have to make up some stitch markers and start knitting again!!
So little time, so much to do!!
See yea soon,