Saturday, August 1, 2009

The redo

Given that I sell kits from my designs, I often contemplate how to give those who buy my kits the best product I can. I changed my packaging to present your beads to you in a Tiffany like gift box.

I changed my directions to give you a pdf on a cd with a pretty label so you can always find a second set if you're first is lost or damaged. And I made a pretty label for the front of this Tiffany like gift box.

Occassionally I am confronted with my past, as in this case where my photography skills were clearly lacking. So today I took the time to redo this photograph of Rings of Saturn from this

to this

I think my photography skills have improved! And for the truly observant, I also changed up the bottom embellishment, I like this version better.

Since a big part of blogging is pretty pictures, it was really hard not to edit this post to take out the bad picture.....


Unknown said...

HI marcia.

I am a massive fan of your work and wait with baited breath to add your new book to my "library" here in South Africa. I have travelled the path of not quite getting the best out of my photo's and have used trickery to enhance the pictures before finally getting the actual picture taking right. But there are still those days.....

Unknown said...

love the packaging!
and huge improvement on the photos and I love the Ring of Saturn!

Jean Campbell said...

Hey, nice work, Marcia! You are an inspiration.