Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Go visit Kate!

Really, she has the most amazing 'soul clearing sale' going on and there are things there you are going to want. And hesitating will not be a good thing, as someone named Naomi bought the Flower Circlet I so dearly loved. I'm glad Naomi has it, really I am, but I did have fantasies of owning it myself.

At any rate, Kate's work is magnificent and you'll want to go see before it's too late. Lest I start to feel too bad for myself, I did send Kate off a check for a beautiful ring with a most excellent patina, and then there is my 'returning bird' ring which will be returning to me soon.

Your turn....

It occurred to me that after I hit post that I am entirely sure that everyone knows that must mean Kate McKinnon, but just in case....

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kate mckinnon said...

Thanks, Marcia! There sure have been some delicious things changing hands in the last two days! The whole Soul Clearing Sale will continue until August 20, with new stuff every day.

This is fun!