Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What if?

Do you ever see those people traveling completely unencumbered, one small purse and a book perhaps? That wouldn't be me, I adhere to the 'What if?' theory instead.

What if I pack a knitting project but I didn't read all the directions and I don't have the right number of stitch markers and? I pack another project, just in case

What if they take my knitting needles away in flight, it happened only once in Europe, but still? I pack some beading projects, just in case

What if there is a crying baby on board? I pack my ipod, just in case

What if my 3g network doesn't work? I pack my laptop, just in case

What if my checked luggage doesn't arrive? I pack my toiletries, just in case

What if they don't feed me and I have not time between planes? I pack some food, just in case

So if you see me in Dallas or PA, struggling under the weight of my luggage, you'll know I'm prepared, just in case!


Mari Aparicio said...

excellent recomendations!!!!

Katie said...

I am so like you on that front! I always end up with enough bead projects to last me a month - what if I get tired of this one or change my mind about it? Then I can work on one of the 19 others I brought with me...

Hope you have a safe trip!

The Five of Us said...

Oh yes, I get every word of that. I pack Boese headphone because they may run out of them in first class. Susan helps me plan multiple knitting projects because, who knows.

Happy safe travels.

Barb Switzer said...

On every trip I find myself staring jealously at those people with a paperback, cup of coffee and a small bag. It's a love/hate thing. I want to be as free as they are but at the same time I feel superior because I am prepared for "What if."

Before leaving, I book an appointment with my chiropractor to fix my neck and shoulder when I get back. Now that is prepared!

Have a fantastic show, sign a million books and travel happily!

Lexi said...

I'll remember to bring the big car when I pick you up here in Dallas!!!

flyingbeader said...

LOL! Thank you for the laugh today. I too spend more time packing my project bag than what I actually am going to wear. My challenge for when I attend Tahoe Retreat is to only bring ONE BAG! That means I've go to seriously limit what projects I bring to work on. Yikes!