Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As I wing my way to the East Coast today for Beadfest, travel is on my mind. I thought I would bring you some more past travel highlights.

Some lovely views of the city of Copenhagen. While living in Holland we were fortunate enough to travel often and explored many European cities. Since we were with out automobile, train travel was our major mode of transportation with the occasional airplane trip followed by train travel. I love pretty much everything about train travel, the rhythm of the train, the views passing by, the romance (although I'm not entirely sure why I find it romantic, I do)

The most recognizable Copenhagen landmark was actually quite small

A dome that I found quite lovely against the cloudy sky

One of many European Angel statues that I've taken, I should really put them into a collection

I love the drama of this silhouetted angel against the dramatic sky

I enjoyed my days in Europe and am thankful to have had the opportunity of living and traveling through many of it's cities. But I'm equally thankful to be back in California, traveling the states and teaching beadwork. Life is grand!

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