Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out of Synch

My schedule is off, but I'm giving myself a bit of a pass....keeping busy is good, but I am choosing what I keep busy at, only the fun stuff for the moment and the necessary stuff.

I have a great plan in place for Mom which requires a trip to Boston later in the month. Mom was from Boston and never lost her accent. My name was still Maasha according to my Mom. I also have a dear friend in Boston who I will be able to see while I'm there.

In the meantime, I moved into the Grove, well I mean the beads moved in. Handling all those pretty seed beads and crystals was quite soothing.

No photos of the beads at the moment, so I direct you to Susan's blogpost.

And keeping the excitement going, a minor shipment of the books arrived on my doorstep today.

These are my personal copies destined for the many who helped me by testing each of the projects in the book. We've sorted out a packaging arrangement, mail merged an address label program, and will prepare to begin shipping just as soon as the rest of the books arrive. I'm hoping to begin shipping batches mid next week and I'll be shipping as many as I can per day in order of your pre-order date. Trust me I love all of my bead and knitting books and realize the anxiety of the waiting so I will accomplish the shipments as quickly as possible. I do warn of a three day interrupt however while grandaughters Samantha and Ollie come to play next week.


Becca said...

Yea!!! What a great picture of you and Mark in the background working! Congrats on the move into the Grove!! Can't wait for my autographed book to arrive from my favorite designer.

The bad Liz said...

Shivers of anticipation just ran down my back (or is that chills because it's only 64.2 degrees in my building). I know that the guild in Michigan was ordering a number of these books for the members to order. It's getting closer!!!

Katie said...

Love the shot of you setting up in the Grove - congrats on getting that up and running...And it's so cool to see an entire stack of your book in it's completed form - that has to be exciting for you :o) I can't wait to get my hands on my copy!

Tina said...


vwise said...

Will you have books at Beadfest?

Marcia DeCoster said...

Vwise, I may have a few, so if you're interested, catch me early. I'm almost sold out!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Yippee, hooray, can you hear me way up north?! Congratulations, it must be a very heady wonderful feeling!