Saturday, August 15, 2009


And the beading is easy......yeah, feeling corny. I love that song though and the summertime has been so lovely here this year. Usually in August it becomes unbearably hot multiple days in a row, but not this year. Today the studio is 77 with windows open and a gentle breeze.

Here is one of my favorite book pieces (although I have lots of favorites) This one was literally an 11th hour design when we decided not to use the business card case. A friend had beaded a length of the hematite charlottes and the pink squares were sitting nearby on the studio table. The two were combined and I called it abacus, perhaps you can see why. It is such a supple cuff, and so sparkly from the cut on the size 11 charlottes. And the briolette swarovski beads that close the cuff are a favorite of mine, so it all came together quite wonderfully.

I remember in my previous life when I took Saturdays off. Not that I'm complaining, but it seems every day is needed to keep at least only slightly behind the to do list. Shipping books is taking a good deal of my time at the moment, but I think those of you who ordered will appreciate how I am spending my time.

Today book shipping continues, side by side with labeling inventory for my store at the Grove, and starting to prepare for Beadfest next week. Yikes, I leave Wednesday morning. But I love the shows. It seems I have so many dear friends around this country and being at a show is when I get to see them. I am completely looking forward to being surrounded by large amounts of talent and large amounts of friendship.

If you're going, I'll see you soon!

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Laura said...

Marcia, that is such a stunning piece! I LOVE charlottes!

I got my book today and it is even more fabulous than I thought it would be! Just beautiful, and loaded with projects that I've admired for so long. The only problem will be choosing what to make first! Thank you for sharing so much and with such style!!