Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beading by the Bay

I'm happy to report that Beading by the Bay is filling up nicely. One of the many retreat highlights will be a visit from a Swarovski representative who will give us a trends presentation during the retreat.

It has been so wonderful to note the familiar names as registrations come in. So many folks that I've come to enjoy in past classes.

One of the things I love about this job is the countrywide relationships I've formed. There are folks coming from Alaska, in fact you might remember this post yep my man is coming, well he's Wanda's man actually but my first male student. Beth from Alaska is coming as well and Fae I met in Lake Tahoe, and Katie on a cruise and Chris at Creative Castle, and Nancy and Mona who I've known forever...oh it's going to be fun.

Not to mention a big long weekend of Jean and Maggie, and my dear friend Susan from the Beading Frenzy who is my partner for this retreat. And a shopping trip to San Francisco might know that previous to San Diego, Santa Cruz was my home for 25 years and we 'parked' our boat in San Francisco for at least 10, so for me the San Francisco Bay area is a trip home and I can't wait!

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