Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guest Arrival

My dear friend from Boston is arriving today, the weather prediction? the worst Il Nino storms in 15 years! Now we all know that I love a good storm, but I think she was looking for a little California sunshine. But that will give us plenty of time to knit, sip tea and catch up. Yes a knitting friend, so wonderful to spend time knitting with someone else. You might detect that there's been a lot of knitting going on, it happens from time to time. Knitting was my first love and occassionally it vies for equal attention with the beads.

But lest you think I'm not beading at all, I finished the, second and third 'Under the Mast' yesterday for Bead and Button

and the second Descending Nights for Beading by the Bay

and today will begin the third Descending Nights.

Then a new piece which is in my mind, but has yet to be executed.....and is due to be somewhere by February 1st, think I'll start that one this week.

And orders are flowing pretty steadily, so there is also kitting to be done, so the beads are not being neglected!


Delica-Tessen said...


Greetings Martina

kate mckinnon said...


I love the paler gold one up top.

I beaded a Screwty Bail this morning, and thought of you. Filled it with a nice forged wire connecting piece, skinned with a beaded tube with a small explosion at each end. Primo!

Anikó - Gyöngyszerelem said...

Beautiful! :) Mind nagyon szép! :)
Congratulation! :)

Shelley said...

Your organization at working on projects now for JUNE puts me to shame.

Anonymous said...

lol Shelley, I'm always surprised but just how quickly June comes, so I like to be at least a little ahead of the game....

Tina said...

Hi Marcia, Another beautiful combination. Where can I get the filigri piece?