Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm back

Back from vacation that is, and it was very nice. Mark and I got on a cruise in San Diego, no planes involved and cruised our way down to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and back. Cruising is not necessarily my favorite type of vacation, but it has highlights. This particular one, a highlight was not having to fly. Then there is the fact that I sleep so well, with the gentle rocking of the boat. The ports were interesting, we ate well in Mazatlan, saw lots of nice art in Puerto Vallarta and drank Maragaritas on the beach in Cabo San Lucas.

On the boat I beaded and I knit, finishing up my one panel contribution to a group knit for a dear friends husband. He is recovering from illness and always cold so we got together and made him a Misti Alpaca afghan. I'm also working on Bitter root a lace shawl and will join a knit along at the Grove later today. I worked on a second colorway for Beading by the Bay and a fourth colorway for Queen Anne's Lace, pictures to follow this week.

In the meantime a few vacation pictures for your viewing pleasure.

A Christmas Tree in Cabo San Lucas on Luxury Avenue, you might guess the rest of the sign says Swarovski

My dear cute husband, looking his dapper self in a new hat and sunglasses. The man has quite a substantial hat collection and he looks good in all of them.

How often do you see a merman? One of the many excellent statues on the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta

This couple was very endearing

And finally one of my favorite cruise ship spots, I loved these chairs, wish I could have brought them home

Tomorrow I'll photo my very excellent Huichol rooster which I added to my bird collection in my studio!


Mikki said...

Welcome back, we missed you!

Jean Hutter said...
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Jean Hutter said...

sounds like a great time - I missed your posts too - I look forward to seeing what you have been doing.

I had to remove my prior post - thats what I get when I do not proof read - sorry

kate mckinnon said...

I'm so glad you are BACK! Geez! It's been like a WEEK! I could hardly stand it, especially with the excitement of the Kyle Cassidy workshop.

Azure Accessories said...

Sounds and looks as though you had a wonderful time...

Now to get back into the swing of things!

Unknown said...

Those Chairs are FABULOUS!

Valerie said...

Nice photos Marcia. Welcome back,. I hope you and Mark are well rested, and not too sunburned :o)