Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monkeys and birds and rhino's, oh my

San Diego has an excellent zoo. Yesterdays mild weather made for a great outing and lots of good picture taking.

I've always loved the excellent birds....

and the monkeys

and who could resist these two sleeping rhinos, I think they look like they are peacefully in love

and quite the pretty flamingos

We bought a zoo membership, they make the decision incredibly easy. With that days ticket stub you can buy a years membership for two, for an additional $49, how could you not?

Today I return from 'vacation' and get ready for Tucson shopping. I'll be getting all the supplies for my Beading by the Bay, Descending Nights. Lots of pretty fire polish and filligree and chain, plus a few other kit supplies best shopped for in Tucson.


Angela said...

Personally I think the Rhinos look as though they are suffering from the mother of all hangovers!

Marcia DeCoster said...

lol Angela, that is a different perspective!

Katie said...

looks like you had a great weekend! I've always wanted to check out San Diego's zoo...have loads of fun in Tucson - I can't wait to catch up with you again in March (I'll be sending the paperwork in tomorrow - my first day back at work post-vacation...)

Jean Hutter said...

great photos - love the bird - are these with your new camera??

Have fun in Tucson.