Monday, January 11, 2010

Huichol Beadwork

This was my treat to myself during my recent Mexican vacation. There was much good art in Puerto Vallarta and some of the best Huichol that I've seen. There was a huge selection, but having a few other birds in my studio I thought this rooster fit perfectly and is the right scale to not get lost among too many small things. He stands about 14 inhces tall.

Plus which I think he has attitude and I like him for that.

I was also completely intrigued with a set of Sergio Bustamante candlesticks (unfortunately not found on this link) that were definitely not in the budget and a beautiful bronze by Victor Hugo ?????oh dear, that will have to wait for unpacking when I locate the catalog.


Jean Hutter said...

he is awesome - does he have a name yet - he really needs a name with that attitude ; )

flyingbeader said...

HE is AWESOME! I was lucky to have picked up a Jaguar while in Albuquerque & love mine. I keep thinking they have more patience than even I to do that.