Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking forward to the Grey

Yep, when you live in San Diego a few grey days can be a relief. When I first moved to California from Boston (many many years ago now) the one thing I noticed was that there was no change of seasons to guide me in my life cycles. In Boston, summer was for water and outdoors, fall was for crisp walks and breathing in fresh air and winter was for hibernating and knitting and crafting (I didn't bead then, but sure wish I had experienced snowstorms with beads) and then spring was reawakening to the cycle.

With that missing, I would continue on the one faceted season of summer and my creative side was not nourished. I learned of course over time to adapt and in Northern California we had more of a differentiation then here in San Diego.

So today I look forward to five days with no committments (well no outside the house appointments at least, plenty of committments) some grey days, some tea, a clean studio (there will be some work required first) and some wonderful creative time.

Although snow is beyond unlikely I will be enjoying what reminders of seasonal diversity I can find, so I leave you with a beautiful snowy image.

And perhaps Deerfield will leave me some snow in March?

1 comment:

Christina J. said...

It's quite possible we'll have some snow here in March for you! Quite possible indeed.