Friday, January 22, 2010

Wild Wild Weather

It was, crazy, huge winds, light up the sky lightening, thunderous thunder, rainbows and gully washers, we had it all this week. It was perfect perfect knitting weather and I've done my share.

Tomorrow we will drive to Ojai, a wonderful (by reputation, I haven't been) artistic town inland from Ventura.

My guest this week accompanied me on my maiden California voyage with a two year old and all my possessions in a 1967 Dodge (it was 1981). Our cross country trek took seven days including a few highlights like the St Louis zoo, the Grand Canyon and Disneyland. On our way up the coast, after having left Disneyland we stayed in Ventura at the Pierpoint Inn and it's still there. I think a nostalgic visit may be in order.

Blogging could be intermittent, but I'll take beautiful pictures and report on the Ojai visit next week.

Enjoy a creative weekend!

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