Friday, January 15, 2010

The lovely Kristina Logan

Kristina Logan is in San Diego! Which means I now have earrings which nicely compliment the ring I bought at Bead and Button last year.

I visited her trunk show at the Blue Dolphin in San Diego yesterday. I believe she is teaching today, but it may be you can still buy some her stunning work. And, Heather Trimlett another favorite is also there with her bright colorful beaded jewelry and beads.

And on an unrelated note, here is Charles,

adopting my knitting chair for his snooze (too bad he can't knit). We are fostering Charles for 3 months while his real foster dad travels. Daughter Casey volunteers for San Diego Pit Bull rescue and Charles is one of her favorites, so we agreed to try to help out so 11 year old Charles could enjoy staying in a home. He seems quite keen on being here. Maya however is a bit skeptical of the arrangement and we had some start up issues, but things seem to be settling down. And Maya is not complaining about going on walks twice a day (Charles can become rather insistent when he wants to walk!)


Anonymous said...
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Megpie said...

The earrings are beautiful, and the ring is stunning! Perhaps you can buy a matching necklace at B&B this year?

HolliDe said...

I think Charles is looking quite comfy there. Why upset the apple cart? Besides, his fur matches the furniture so you won't see the hair!