Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bead and Button Preparation....

Well not actually.....Instead I'm making earrings, crazy, yes....but I just want to bead, nonstop, everyday. One might think it is like that for me all the time, but it's not really, there are waves of creative productivity and I'm in one.

I have two new designs and a third planned.....I know you would like to see them, but they are not at there sharable point in the design process yet. It will happen, but in the meantime, here is

Medici Drop Textured

I was making up a few pair of Medici earrings, from the book

because they are simple and I love to wear them and then I did the NanC Meinhardt, 'what if' and I added a three bead picot between each interior bead and then I put a bead between each middle bead of the picot and here's what I got. I can see that I also changed up the crystal placement, putting the 3 mm bi-cones in the outside ring and using a size 11 in the interior, oh and it appears that I used 5 size 15 beads instead of 3 size 11, so you see you can play. I haven't tried pearls yet,, no, I must go back to work.

A Medici with more visual interest, with texture and color complexity. I love it when a lot of beads come together in a small place with opportunity to change up the colors and see the endless options. So here's another.....ooooh, dark metallilc bronze with pacific opal, lovely

and there are bound to be more, but for now, I must go kit some more!

By the Way, if you would like to experience more NanC Meinhardt 'What If's?' in your work there are still a couple of spots in the October 8-10th workshop in San Diego.


M for MYSTICAL said...

love love love these.... BEAUTIFUL!



Carol Dean said...

If I wore earrings, I'd wear these, especially the last pair. myohmyohmy ;D Gorgeous!

Gale said...

Hi Marcia -- just got a copy of Beaded Opulence and was looking at this pattern the other night. Very striking for a simple design and I love what you've here. I'm off to order some drops and make myself a pair.

JennyMack said...

I just checked your book out of the library and I LOVE these earrings. Thanks for sharing a few more pics!

Pastiche said...

Love these, I know I bought a pair of drops when I got your book, now have to fossick through the stash to find them, can't think of a nicer way to spend a morning than making myself a new pair of earrings.

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Very pretty!!!!!!!!!!

Cory said...

Gorgeous earrings,,the first ones are my favorite.
You do beautiful work.

Michelle said...

Love the earrings--the "what if" variation is gorgeous! Love the added texture and what it brings to the design. Thanks for sharing!
Bead Happy!

Mikki said...

Must be something in the air...I'm on an earring kick too.