Thursday, May 27, 2010

Future Beading

When I don't have time to actually bead I can at least stage the beading that needs to be done.

Aurelia is one of my new projects for my fall teaching schedule, well summer and fall! I"m scheduled to teach it at the Beading Frenzy in August. It will require that I make at least two additional samples and perhaps three.

I'm planning this colorway next!

Bird of Paradise is for next years Bead Cruise, so it can wait a while, but I couldn't resist this owl pendant from Earthenwood Studios.

I think I've selected a nice set of colors for this one as well.


Rebecca said...

Amazing colour schemes! I can't wait to see Aurelia 2, one of my favourite of your designs and to be in some of my favourite colours too :-)

Anonymous said...