Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Colors of Bead and Button

All the color samples are done and photographed. Most have been done for some time but the total picture needed to wait for the couple of stragglers which just got completed.

I always make three colors in what is hopefully a good range so students are likely to find at least one that suits them.

Here is the crystal medallion bracelet, Amethyst and Aqua, Gold and Blue, and the original Multi color!

Crystal Collage comes in Light vitral with teal and bronze, Amethyst with green and bronze and Light vitral with summery aqua's and golds.

Under the Mast I went all out and did 4 colors

Crystal with silver, Medium vitral with green, Golden shadow with light metallic gold ab and Golden shadow with green.

And Ripplestiltskin in Olivine ab with teal, Copper iris with teal, and Gold lined aqua with tabac.

It's always fun to try to predict the favorite colorway. I'm often surprised. I take the class total and multiply by 60% and that is how many I bring of each. That will almost always insure everyone gets their first pick but occasionally when I think one may be the runaway favorite I'll bring more of that.

Do you have a runaway favorite here?


KJ said...

I love all of your colors. I have to admit, however, that I love the original Milti color in the crystal medallion bracelet. It is so bright and cheerful. I tend to stick with neutral colors when I am designing, but I admit that I just love pieces done in bright colors.

Mari said...

Here my favorites ones...Crystal medallion bracelet in Amethyst and Aqua, Crystal Collage comes in Amethyst with green and bronze and
Under the Mast in Golden shadow with light metallic gold ab. Praying that some are left over so I can buy them in your site!!!!

tinybeads2004 said...

And Ripplestiltskin - Gold lined aqua with tabac.
Crystal Collage - Light vitral with summery aqua's and golds.
crystal medallion bracelet - the original Multi color.

it's hard to choose one colorway. I'd be happy with any of the three projects in any of the colors!

Legatoria TASSINI said...

Ciao, tutte queste creazioni sono bellissime, con un perfetto abbinamento dei colori. I miei preferiti rimangono i medaglion bracelet.Sono come l'anello Quetzal?.

Ralonda said...

The Crystal Medallion in gold and blue, the Crystal Collage in amethyst and green, Under The Mast in golden shadow with light metalic gold ab, and Ripplestiltskin in copper iris with teal. - I liked the original colors of the crystal medallion but I like the color on the back more than the front so I would transpose them- I dig the hot pink/ fushia more than the blues- it just grabs me!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks for your feedback! It seems there are no clear winners, which is really a good thing. I take it to mean the variety will suit a broad range of tastes which is what I aim for. Although it looks from this sampling that I might want to kit up a few more of Under the Mast in Golden shadow with light metallic gold ab.

Kristen said...

Marcia, I want one of each! These designs and color combos are eye candy to be sure. Wish I could be there to see the kits up close and learn from you. One can always dream :)