Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm a morning girl

The before dawn kind of morning when the world is just waking up, the sun comes up over the hills, the birds begin their daily songs against the quiet backdrop of morning. It's my favorite time to be creative. Which after all is the part of my beadlife I most enjoy, watching as some new design takes shape before my eyes. That is what this morning was like.

Before many of life's other necessities showed themselves, before the dog needed feeding, the body needed exercise, the paperwork needed attention.....I sat and beaded and took in the solitude.

I borrowed a sunrise from another time, this one a Bed and Breakfast in Purton England. It's May Gray in Southern California, so I have to be content with the morning mist.

Mind you I'm useless at night, 9:00 p.m. usually finds me done with the day, ready for rest.

I'd like to bead all day, but as I may have mentioned there is much preparation to be done for Bead and Button!


The bad Liz said...

9pm?? Surely you exaggerate!! I've seen you function as late as 10:35!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful picture, I love dawn and sunsets. I recently discovered a photographer - - who says he is part of the 'Golden Hours Club' (I don't know if this is an expression or an actual society!) but describes this as 'the time of day when the sun is rising or setting and so you get your best sun colors, angles and shadows'. Sounds like you might be a fan too!