Friday, May 14, 2010

What a difference a bead makes.....

Occasionally supply or more accurately lack of supply of a certain bead will force the change to a kit. Sometimes these substitutions are subtle enough to go quietly unnoticed, but sometimes, nothing but change to the sample will do.

I think that was the case with Queen Anne's Lace in the matte metallic colorway. I couldn't locate the original blue green iris, which by the way looked lovely.

So I went looking for something else and I discovered this wonderful translucent cathedral bead with bronzed edges. I decided this big a change required a redo of the sample, not the whole piece mind you, I just cut the thread holding the original bead and wove in the new ones. I love the result. This new bead comes to life and sets off the sparkle of the 232 jet ab2x crystals nicely.

I think the translucence of this bead suits the design beautifully

I will have a few of these at Bead and Button, probably a very few.

I love the lacy organicness (yes I know it's not a word, spellcheck did not approve, but it fits) of this design but I am also considering a less organic version for the future.


Jo-Ann said...

I am so looking forward to taking this class when you come to Toronto!

a2susan said...

I like the turquoise cathedral bead - it brightens up the whole bracelet and gives it a nice sparkle. Of course,turquoise reminds me of the ocean, and cruising, and good times.....Susan :)

Mariposa said...

Cathedrals are something very special, love them! Looks gorgeous

txacctgcat said...

Love it - Love it!!!!