Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JudiPatuti Bead Mats

Remember these? My friend JudiPatuti designed these bright, fun, colorful mats for your bead travels. Excellent for taking a project on the road or for taking to class.

Attendees of the first Beading by the Bay bought the entire first run, but now there are more and they will be available at Bead and Button.

These two pictures are of the prototype run and belong to friends, but the latest set, well it's full of really wonderful fabrics. Judy has an eye for coordinating prints (she hasn't been in a fashion career her whole life for nothing!)

The mat rolls out to reveal a place for scissors, needles and tubes of beads. The included project box holds additional beads and your project. Fabric ties hold onto our thread and the whole thing rolls up for portability.

I have to work out which of the new ones I want, and the rest, they'll be available at the show!


Michelle said...

Ooooh....can't wait to see them!
Bead Happy!

Valerie said...

Well, I'd have to have one if I didn't already :o)