Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I continue to get ready for Bead and Button and I'm in either really good shape or denial, I'm not entirely sure which right now. But two of the four teaching kits are completely done and the other two are getting started and I still have 4 weeks before I get on the plane.....

If you're signed up for a class expect to hear from me soon and I'll show you color choices as well. That part of things, the sample part (I make 3 different colors per project) and the taking picture part should be done by tomorrow so I'll be able to prepare a correspondence.

I'm honored that many of the names on my roster are folks that I get the pleasure of seeing every year.

I love going to this show and renewing all of the amazing friendships I've made over the years. This is my 5th year and every year I get a little better at being organized.

Pictures tomorrow! Today I have a sample to go finish!

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