Sunday, May 2, 2010

Playing with Beads.....

Yep, sometimes it's just sheer play. I'm writing directions, ordering supplies, kitting up projects, sending off shipments, but sometimes the lure of the beads cannot be ignored. A couple of weeks back I mentioned carving out some time, and finally I was able to.

So yesterday afternoon, which was a perfect San Diego weather day, I took a tray of beads to the veranda and started to work through a design I had in my mind. It didn't exactly work out as planned, and I abandoned the first try, but during the process I saw a couple of more design opportunities.....still denied, and then I cut one of the pieces and it splayed out and presented the perfect embellished curved bit of sparkle. can I do that intentionally? I always urge people to pick up the beads and play with them. Fold a piece of beadwork in half, curve it, fondle it, and sometimes you'll see something you wouldn't have seen.

So I recreated that curve into a perfect embellished circle which just happened to fit over the raised cap in the abandoned piece. It is now three dimensional and it spins! I love beadwork that moves.....Rings of Saturn, one of my earliest designs featured rings that spin around a central core.

The Calendar 2001 A Bead Odyssey featured this gold, green and pink Rings of Saturn.

This piece is far different and so far is only one component, but the potential is huge. I love it when I get excited about the beads!