Thursday, May 8, 2014


Last April we bought an airstream and no one was more surprised then me!  I never thought that I would be traveling around in an rv, in fact in our early days I made Mark promise that is not how we would spend retirement.  But then I also used to like country furniture… things can change radically.

We had a sailboat for many years, but I was never one for sailing, although I did enjoy the time in a San Francisco marina.  The trouble with sailboats is that point A to point B can take a long time, is weather dependent and requires a water route.  We explored the possibility some and decided we needed a little more flexibility.

We also have two of our grown children and all of our grandchildren still living in the Bay area, eight hours north of us.  We could have bought a small place, or rented a place when we wanted to be there, but then that would be one place and we've got a lot more travel plans to accomplish.

So we began the search and the iconic looking airstream just said yes to me.  I must admit the towing of it took some getting used to, but we've got a few trips behind us now and are getting comfortable.  The first few trips out gave us some ideas on how to better utilize the space to suit us and so the customization has begun.

We began by having the Crystal Ninja, Kellie DeFries crystalize the logo.  We stuck with a dark silver crystal, so the effect is subtle but beautiful.

Counter space is limited…..but I do like a good cup of coffee to start the day and the retro look of this nespresso suits the interior.

 Maya enjoys her perch on the bed where she is window height…at home there are no window looking perches for her, something perhaps we should remedy as she obviously enjoys it.

We began work on the biggest project to date, two weeks ago.  We took out the built in dining benches and table.  They took up way too much space and were not comfortable….so we opted for these sleek swivel chairs.  They are the perfect footprint.  We'll be testing out their travel worthiness soon.  We've read they should stay put….we hope so!

We are going to live with this change for awhile before we decide what our final table solution will be. A pale aqua and grey FLOR runner will sit in front of the chairs and make working in the kitchen more comfortable as well as bring a sense of home and decor to the space.  I have many more plans to make our little rolling home unique.

We've signed up for our first caravan, twenty one days from  Yellowstone to Colorado.  It's not until next year so we have time to continue our customization.  Next up, a place to keep the beads while traveling!