Thursday, December 7, 2017


My last post suggested a huge studio clean up and I've completed that.  Things look different, a lot more zen (although not at the moment) Turns out I can still make a big old mess very quickly!
The Talenti seed bead wall stayed.  As I moved through the process stating I wanted to cut down on clutter, Mark suggested I put these seed beads behind closed doors!   He doesn't understand my definition of visual clutter, obviously.  This wall I find very appealing.

I curated the stuff to only some very special pieces that I adore.  Purse by the Bad Liz, basket by Marilyn Moore, Egg a gift from Mark, Rooster a purchase in Puerto Vallarta, Owls a gift from Kerrie Slade.  The glass jar  is from a trip to Australia and there is a beaded bead by Martine Nagale and one  by Cindy Holsclaw.  

Beads were all organized on the slat wall in acrylic bins.  These are all the odd shapes.

A few of the Crystals

Drawers organized by category, these are the fancy stones.

A few more of my favorite pieces out and about for me to enjoy them.

and then there is Gertrude.  She's wearing party girl right now waiting to have her.... ahem, padding applied.  My waist no longer looks like hers......

The former shipping department has been re-configured to be a sewing station.

So far I've made 8 reversible napkins

and I've sewed curtains for Layla's room.  She's a girly girl as I guess most three year olds are.  Into pink and polka dots.  I have always loved Prairie points so I gave them a go.

Then I got enamored with Cindy Holsclaw's snowflake pattern and made pendants for my three youngest grand daughters.  They are the perfect size for a pendant.  The smaller one is 1 3/4 inches across and I just eliminated one cube from the point construction.  That's for the littlest grand daughter.

Then I wanted to start getting my feet wet with some artistic sewing so I made this flower (since  Gertrude doesn't have my measurements yet I didn't want to start in on clothes just yet)  I added a Maku button to the center and sewed a pin back on.

I took out a few cabs, some that I've been saving forever and started some bead embroidery.   The back right bauble is a spinner by my  dear friend Miriam.  

The pale pink is the Radiata, a knitted lace shawl with beads.  It's almost done, but as you can see, lace isn't very visually appealing until the transformative step of blocking.  Given my year started with LOVE, followed by PEACE, I quickly cast on the 2017 Peace Shawl by Chrstina Campbell.  I even used stash yarn, unheard of!  

So you can see I am enjoying this time immensely.  It's funny to reflect on how I'm using my time.  I often feel like I'm dilly dallying and not getting much done, and then I put it all in one place and I see that I am!

Tomorrow we're off for our local Airstream Christmas rally and next week we'll visit our Santa Cruz family in San Francisco.  I am beyond grateful that I've been afforded the luxury of time to indulge my need to make things.  It's really all  I've ever wanted, that and love, and peace.