Friday, October 13, 2017

Bead Bombing with Peace

On the lovebeadlove blog,  Laura Zeiner wrote a post about her bead bombing, and that inspired Erika Sandor to do some of her own bead bombing and that inspired her friend to comment that bead bombing peace signs would be a great way to focus on peace, and so.....

Here is Laura attaching her beads to a park bench.

and another bead bombing of a beaded rock left among some unbeaded ones

Inspired by Laura's post Erika Sandor, the Storytelling Jeweler left this beautiful beaded medallion  while visiting Istanbul.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Erika a few years back at a German bead show.  It is a wonderful thing how beads brings us together worldwide.

She posted this on Facebook, LET'S BEAD MORE PEACE!

Several days ago I showed you the result of my "guerrilla beading" in Istanbul. My friend Char Reese-oxford had an idea to take bead bombing to the next level: let's bead peace signs (pattern by Marcia DeCoster - thank you ❤️) and hang them at schools, parks, playgrounds etc. all around the world.
This is my embellished peace sign. Tomorrow I will make a rope for it, and take measurements at the place where I would like to hang it.
We need to spread more positive thoughts all around the world! If you would like to join, get Marcia's pattern , bead a sign around something in your city and take a picture!
Please use the hashtag #beadmorepeace, so we can all see each other's photos. I am counting on you 

Erika would like to collect the peace-signs from all over the world to an album, so they can be admired in one place. Beaders can message her through Facebook or through the Contact form on her website.

I totally want to join this movement.

At first I thought perhaps the intent was for someone to find the beaded object and take it as their own, but wouldn't it be wonderful if it stayed in it's location for many to enjoy?

So I'll be making me first bead bombing peace sign to take with me to NYC where I will find a suitable place to 'install' it.

Thank you Laura and Erika for sharing your inspiration and contributing to a movement for more peace in the world!