Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A long year, a lot of makes

 I am incredibly grateful for the fact that I am happily contented by making stuff.  I can't really remember what I made before the age of ten when I learned to knit, but perhaps my early adventures in play doh shaped my creative desires.

It's been a long year and a lot of making.

I started listing in my mind the things I completed and I thought I'd keep track of them in a year end post.  Covid combined with a year of almost retirement (I taught once in February and once virtually in October) left me a lot of time for making.


Sweaters (7)

Volition, Ranunculus, Love Note (two),  Garden Gate, Cumulus blouse, His vest

Cumulus blouse with Rosales necklace

Love Note sweater for a six year old

Casapinka's Breathe and Hope

Socks, 2 pair of Urth shorties, 1  pair of lavender shorties, 1 pair of Urth ankle length (gifted), 1 pair of Evening in Paris (gifted)

hats (7 gifted) and one crown

Lighthouse Hat pattern
1 scarf (gifted)


1 beaded tile for Museum of beadwork

3 Amarissa pendants

2 Bell Mabel pendants

1 solaris (Miriam's design)

1 peace sign

1 Sabine dodecahedron  pendant

1 sabine shawl pin

1 painted lady bead embroidery

5 shrink plastic pendants (sold and gifted, kept 1)

3 shrink plastic heart pendants

1 shrink fairy wing pendant

1 Rosales pendant (for Autumn memories retreat next year)

1 feather tree with shrink plastic oranaments

15 pair of peace and love and word earrings from shrink plastic

2 shrink plastic challenge pieces (coral for a tidepool challenge and a floral challenge)

1 pair of woven pearl earrings


1 pair Elope pants and top by Tina Givens in pale pink linen

1 gypsy jacket by Tina Givens

1 kimono jacket in a watercolor floral fabric

1 vest

a skirt for a six year old's birthday

10 pouches and a  yarn minder bag

5 clear front project pouches

1 pencil pouch for my daughter's drawing pencils

6 tula pink paper pieced medallions

a bazillion masks

and 1 repaired baby blanket

That is one heck of a lot of makes......

I decided this week that a little focus and finish was in order which is how Miriam's solaris pendant got done.  I still have a second Sabine rivoli pendant and a Franklin compass rose.

I have a new shrink plastic project that wants some time as well as a Bella pouch by sew sweetness that I'd like to make. 

I have a Place for Everything bag By Annie and of course my Tula pink sunrise quilt which needs attention.

Knitting plans are my urban jacket from Christel Seyworth, Pink Fizz by Andrea Mowry, and a white linen ranunculus.  I have a cowl I'd like to do as well, we'll see.  In process are a pair of color work socks.

Of course I hope travel will be some part of next year which is always a better opportunity for knitting so I may front load the year with some sewing.

I am not even sure how to process this year of makes.  While at times it felt like I was flitting and not focusing, the year in review would argue that I was pretty darn productive.  Much of the making was gifts for people I love and I can't think of a better way to spend time.