Friday, July 31, 2009

May Grey, June Gloom, July ?

Seems the greyness of San Diego morning has continued through July. I'm used to waking up to a beautiful sunrise, but not so, the majority of this month the thick marine layer extends the ten miles inland where I live and mornings are still and grey.

Now I love my weather, really could have considered it a career perhaps, and I have to take my weather drama anywhere I can get it when living in San Diego, but this greyness is getting old.

It's such a tease, because I love the occassional rainy day or week, whipping wind and the ensuing coziness, but we don't ever get that in the summer, never, we just get this tease of a grey start to the day which will burn off to brilliant cloudless sunshine. This is a sunrise from a previous time reflected in the port hole on the front of my house.

My friend Holli is getting married on a boat in San Diego bay tomorrow evening. I guess there are those times that you can 100% count on that it won't rain is a good thing. I bet she thinks so.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I love to travel, since I was little I've always been called by the excitement of faraway places. My Dad traveled for work and I was always fascinated and excited by his stories, an armchair adventurer, I seldom had the opportunity to travel. When I met Mark I was fortunate to meet my travel match, both of us will get on a plane or a train or in the car at the drop of a hat.

But given my current life I sometimes need to curb my appetite for the next adventure. At the risk of filling every single moment with travel, I occassionally need to remember to stay home. And such is the case this September. I'm traveling each weekend between Oct 1st and Nov 20th, but still when contemplating a September trip to Bead Creative in New Hampshire I was so tempted. Cathi has opened a huge new store with a fabulous classroom. Her enthusisasm for the beads is infectious and New England in the fall, well a favorite destination. Mark's good sense prevailed however, and I'll wait until next Spring to see her store.

So in the meantime I am contenting myself with the memories of trips past. I have been fortunate enough to have done a lot of travel. Enough that I think a travelogue will become a weekly feature of the blog.

Here is a picture of one of the hauntingly beautiful trees in Savannah Georgia.

A perched bird on a trip to Palm Springs, Ca

Mark relaxing on a Costa Rican beach

A tranquil scene in Brugge, Belgium

A piece I completed for our host Carol on a Tahitian sailing vacation

The ultimate Tahitian bungalows in Rangiroa

I do have a bit of travel planned, Beadfest in Pennsylvania in August, another Santa Cruz wedding and perhaps a trip to beautiful Sedona Arizona in September.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

February Lady Sweater

When I don't bead I knit. I've actually been knitting for much longer, since I was ten in fact. I remember my first green and white stockinette stitch scarf which rolled on the sides because I didn't know any better, but I was still so proud.

Despite knowing how to cable, make lace, knit fair aisle, and having made many garments including socks, I still don't consider myself much of a technical knitter. Mostly because the whole gauge yarn substition thing, all that math, still escapes me.

But with FLS I have an advantage, 4 friends (and about 8,000 other knitters) who have gone before me and paved the way, and whose sweaters I've tried on and whose gauge I've trusted, so I boldly cast this one without a gauge swatch.

Isn't it a pretty purple? Louisa Harding, Grace Hand-dyed, 50% merino 50% silk

And the sweet little stitch markers which I put together with some enamel charms from the Bead Monkey in Minneapolis.

Gail, Susan and Judy are done and Val is almost done, so I am waaaaay behind. But I have a goal to finish this by the 4th weekend in September. I'll keep you posted. I like to get up really early and go find a quiet spot to knit awhile, I think I'll go do that.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Under the Mast

After some angst yesterday I sat down and beaded this

And I love it's simple elegance. It has an art deco feel. I should know that if I ask my husband for input, less is more will always be his response. So although I thought I might drop some dangles off the bottom or embellish the bail, I decided to stand by his insistence that it was done.

Oh, and for inquiring minds it's peyote stitch. Ok, it started as right angle weave. I find raw to be a good fabric base to peyote up off of. I often like to prove to folks that I can indeed stitch things in other then right angle weave.

Under the Mast? Tucked behind the crystal is a personal affirmation, a note to myself which will never be seen, but I know is there. When I explained this concept, my sailor husband said 'oh like when you put a coin under the mast for good luck' Naming is not usually my strong suit, but I'm happy with this unusual name and the conversations it will start.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feeling Philosophical

Some days are like that, especially now that I have a stretch of days at home and can slow down just a little bit. Not much mind you, I have lot's and lot's to do, but I'm doing it without the interruption of travel at the moment and it feels good.

Many years ago NanC Meinhardt wrote an article for one of the beading magazines (I don't remember which one or when, so sorry) but the essence of it was that anxiety is part of the artistic process. Not so profound sounding when I say it, there was much more to the article, but that is what I took away. I don't want to try to recollect the way it was said because I'd be wrong, I only remember that it struck a chord with me, stayed with me, provided comfort in the normalcy of it.

I can't say it makes it feel any better when it's happening, it just makes it a bit easier to walk through it knowing that it's ok. I find I'll often get anxious when a project in the design phase could take several turns and I'm not sure which one to take. I think it comes down to time, both not wanting to waste the beading already done and not wanting to progress in the 'wrong' direction.

At these times I remember my husband woodworking a box as a family Christmas gift. He made one entire box as a prototype and then proceeded to learn from his mistakes and go on to make several additional boxes. He didn't consider the prototype wasted time and I try to take that lesson.

I also get anxious when I see a colleagues work and I feel that feeling that Rachel has coined so well as project envy (Speaking of whom, have you seen You and Eye? Awesomely beautiful). It happens, you're in awe of what someone else did with the beads and begin to question your own work and then I step back and realize that is what they are meant to be doing and I am doing what I am meant to be doing. Don't get me wrong, I celebrate what my colleagues are doing, there is so much incredible beadwork being done, so much pushing the limits and exploration and creativity. And I celebrate being a part of that world.

I'm working on this sweet little pendant.

I love the laciness of the chain with the occasional 2 mm crystal ab giving it that glint in the sunlight that I love so much. Rather then an ordinary bezel I'm considering working this into a locket of some sort, which maybe is where this whole topic of anxiety and the crossroads of design came up. Oh and time, 'cuz I thought this might be a Bead and Button project. Did I mention the deadline is this Friday?

I love this shot, which was sheer luck, when taking the picture of the weekly flowers, the flash was on and the bright yellow flower became this orange star burst.

I think I'll have a cup of tea and try to work through the anxiousness and see what shows up. And if you have a process for working through the anxious times please share.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Bead Store at the Grove

Seems like I've been telling you this forever and life just keeps on getting in the way of getting it done. However I continue to purchase for my bead debut in the Grove, and put packages of beads together and count crystals for the store and....generally get ready. It's a rather large undertaking to count/weigh price and label everything.

But I have always had a dream of a super creative space with super creative people where you could go and be inspired and shop for supplies and visit with friends and make stuff and the Grove is that dream for me, so despite a really busy year I am determined to be a part of the vision that Susan and Judy and I are building with much help and support from friends Gail and Val.

Judy is JudiPatuti and has put together a fabulous array of fun summer fabrics and Susan has had the yarn shop for 5 years and together they are combining the knits and the fabrics into fun designs.

Now we just need to add the beads!

So although I'm not entirely ready, tonight is a South Park Walkabout and I will be setting up my new curio cabinet and tempting my future clients with a look at some of my beadwork.

And if you live anywhere near San Diego, this is a really fun thing to do!

Friday, July 24, 2009

In the studio

It feels so good to be back in the studio and I wisely did a very thorough cleaning before I left so it was doubly good to step into such serenity.

I have quite a few things that need my beading attention and the zen of beadweaving is serving me well at the moment.

Remember Disco Squares in Beadwork?,

I'm doing it in these colors (well Tina's doing it for me in these colors, thank you dear) and I'm loving it.

And since I'm having a love affair with these silver size 11 charlottes, I thought I'd stitch up a bezel for this lovely large fancy stone, and perhaps suspend it from a chain, or maybe even a delicate bit of beadweaving.

I've had this beautiful flower from scorpio beads for some time and have started playing with some beads to compliment it.

And here's the prettiest pink bubble blower beaded by my dear friend Liz.

It's great being back among the beads!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The promised wedding pics

Apparently I didn't have my best photo taking skills in place this evening....but here are a few ....

Hakone Gardens in Saratoga is one of the most beautiful wedding spots I've ever seen. The bride walked on her father's arm (my dh) from up above through the gardens and across a bridge to greet her groom

Rings were delivered by a tuxedo'd Teddy, Lucia and Ethan's Yorkie Poo. Grandaughter Sam helped Teddy to find his way

My good looking family, son Brian, dh Mark, gd Samantha and daughter Lucia, Casey was elsewhere at the time and that is Ethan the groom, back left

Here's Casey

I'm the last to catch on to trends, apparently black and white prints are in, seems the older folks haven't caught on yet

That's Ethan's Mom Linda second from the left. I love her graciousness and her energy and kindness. I am so happy for Lucia being part of this new family.

Ethan and Lucia are enjoying a Carribean honeymoon cruise!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

beach ball

at the beach

Capitola by the sea, today I managed a short respite from elder care
and came across this mosaic beach ball.

Becca and all my readers, I can't wait to share gorgeous wedding
photos, I'm currently challenged with finding the right situation for
my Mom, but all will work out and I have some truly beautiful photos
to share. My most precious engineer husband gave the wedding toast
that brought the guests to tears....I love this man.

the wedding had all the right components, a truly loving couple, a
beautiful setting, good friends, great music, and a loving family.

take care dear reader, I will return soon

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

the wedding

the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome,the parents were beaming, the guests were dancing, the wedding was beautiful 

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For just a tiny few days there is a possiblity of no blog, not to say that I won't find the odd few minutes and a wireless internet connection all at the same time, I might, but in the event I don't dear readers,

I have a wedding to attend, and a Mom to move and that will be taking up my time these next few days....

I'll try to send the occassional blog worthy mobile picture.

Have fun, peruse the links, enjoy the beads and I'll be back soon enough!

I leave you with 'Entwined Circles' this may be my favorite piece
from the book, then again....

I really love the cover piece and Cappadocia and Amphora and....I like a lot of them actually, good thing, heh?

Kristina Logan

Do you know her? I've known her work and loved it for many many years. Earlier this year, (or maybe last) she did a show with friend Heather Trimlett. I alas, as is so often the case, was not home the weekend of the show, but urged my friends to be there. Kristina and Heather, two amazing glass artists together, you just have to go! And they did, and came back with a collection of beads and two fabulous rings. I needed one, one of my very own pieces of Kristina Logan art and this year at Bead and Button I decided that would be my treat.

I love art rings and often my treat is a Kate McKinnon original, I have several, including a very cool spinner ring. But this year I wanted to join my girlfriends and be part of the Kristina Logan art ring club. Yes I am easily influenced. (And I managed to still acquire a very very cool Kate McKinnon ring)

And yesterday this beauty arrived in the mail.

I am totally completely in love with it. Thank you Kristina.


Yes I love crystal, the facets, the sparkle, the shapes, can't remember seeing a crystal I haven't loved. There is a bracelet in my book with over 2,000 crystals, yep 14 gross to be exact.

So when shopping at I naturally chose crystals. I love the oval shape of these Swarovski crystals. The seed beaded ovals have been done for quite some time, looking for an inspiration to use them and I think I've found it in these pretty ovals.

The oval comes small and large, I think I'll be looking at the larger ones next.

Then there are the ones with holes, I woke up today with a fully formed idea of how to use these, so I immediately ordered some, can't wait to try out my idea.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding attire

Well the wedding approaches and my best laid plans didn't quite work as I had planned but all is good.

I finished felting Remembrance and I failed to control the felting process appropriately and I have a very lovely 'shibori'd' scarf, but not the wrap I had planned. It's pretty and I love it, but it's not a wedding shawl to be worn over my wedding attire.

So I remembered a bead fringed pashmina I bought on a magical evening in Capri Italy. It's icy grey fringe and pale blue fabric suits my grey top perfectly. That together with Summer Soiree, the beadwork piece featured in the latest issue of Beadwork, the outfit is complete.

The Bride's necklace looks like this

It's going to be a happy day and I'm looking forward to it.

Seed Beads, Here's Why

What a wonderful response from the lovers of that little mighty seed bead

The most repetitive themes were the meditative quality of stitching them, the ability to make something beautiful from bead and thread, the variety of color, finish, shape and size,

Thanks to everyone who pondered the question and shared their thoughts!

Some folks provided links exploring the subject on their own blogs, have a look


AJ provided a link to her blog Great topic! I also made a blog post to answer the question:

and Christina Great question! I posted an answer on my blog:

Riana Olckers South Africa writes

Rachel answered here

28 Comments on the original post can be found here

People responded on Facebook

Shirley Lim at 7:42am July 10
I do have non-beaders saying to me: How did you manage to get the needle through the needle eye?I do not have the patience that most of my students or customers think that I have ... I just like to bead =)

Trish Froderberg at 8:32am July 10
For the love of the mystical magic - the tiniest of objects, woven together in rythmic love - true beauty!

Theresa Murphy Buchle at 8:37am July 10
We are a masochistic people.

Tina Bitney Hauer at 8:52am July 10
I think there's something in the character of a person that loves seed beeds that causes you compared to others (who can take them or leave them) to adore them. Here's three characteristics:-you can control them-you like shiny/glassy object-you like the fact that something so small and inexpensive can turn into something big and shiny

Jacquie Carlson at 8:57am July 10
I hear, "You must have a lot of time on your hands" which I laugh and say that can't be farther from the truth.(a bit insulting too) The attraction to color is first, then the addiction comes in, then silent meditation and peacefulnes of joining all these tiny ones together for one finished piece. If I couldn't bead I'd be lost.

Bev Hayes Berthoty at 8:58am July 10
I love the breathy sound of the words: bead, needle, thread. Then there's the rhythmic pleasure of beading with unending color, texture and finish options. I guess it's just pretty darn sensual when you get down to it.
Nan C Meinhardt at 9:14am July 10
Yes, those are always the questions people ask first. The next one is how much is that? And then often, "that much"? Hopefully they buy and don't walk away!

Rebecca Starry at 9:28am July 10
or, what medication are you on/should be taking

Jan Kemp at 9:30am July 10, Bev! You really hit on something with the "breathy sound of the words". You're right!!! I never consciously connected with that, but I will now. Thanks for pointing that out! : )

Linda Roberts at 10:06am July 10
I enjoy working with my hands and I also have a passion for tiny things. So weaving seed beads together with a needle and thread and creating something new brings a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Hadass Almogy at 10:28am July 10
I find beading very relaxing. and I think that working with seed beads is the most elaborate work, that shows that with a litle imaginagination you can make wonders even with the simplest and cheapest material.

Barb Switzer at 6:15pm July 10
My personal favorite question: "Are you compelled to do this by some sort of disorder?"

Heidi Leora Feldman at 10:18pm July 10
Tina!!!! "Inexpensive?" I WISH!!! My husband makes me feel terrible because he constantly tells me that I've got more than enough seed beads to bead with and before I get any more, I should focus on finishing what I have. pffft... I don't know about you, but they're expensive for me. I buy at least $200+ worth EACH time I go shopping... The addiction is a beautiful thing!

Heidi Leora Feldman at 10:23pm July 10
Nanc... I go through that all the time... quite sadly when one hears the COST of what you've made... it's suddenly, oh that's so beautiful... then all the guilt to make you give in... doesn't work with me. I did that with soaps a LONG time ago and N-E-V-E-R again. If one truly likes your art, they'll purchase it for what it's worth and for your time as well. If not, then someone else will. Don't give in. Follow this as your Mantra: Fool me once, Shame on you, Fool me twice, Shame on me.
Nancy Dale at 6:38am July 11
GOT to have seed beads - how do you design without them?! They are indeed addictive, both buying them and working with them. I love how the finished piece made with seed beads feels like a soft fabric, or a stiff form, or...all that is textural!!

Eleanor Walker at 7:43am July 11
Brilliant question, and facinating to read all the responses. Beadweaving has changed me; the first time I knocked over a tray full of seed beads onto the floor (black carpet, NIGHTMARE) and I didnt hit the roof, I knew I had changed. The words 'Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually' popped into my head from NOWHERE!!! This was a ... Read More million miles away from my usual ranting response!!I CANT bead when Im stressed out, however I MUST bead. So I have to calm down, breathe, and put down my stress. For someone previously diagnosed with (and medicated for) Generalised Anxiety Disorder this is fairly damn miraculous. There is no short answer to why I bead, only; making order out of chaos/nothing is soothing to my soul, and for me beadweaving is exactly that.

Melinda Hirsch at 10:20am July 11
Wow! I love the squares!!

I received these emails,

Hi, sorry for my English, I am Italian!When I first bought my beads by myself I was 12. I live not so far from Venice, the only place near to me where to loose in the beads was Venice... all that colors! Many years after that time (30) I still love beads, colors and everything can cames out from my hands. When I buy my beads it's not the project that makes me choosing colors, but colors that bring me to something!

Sheryl (Coolmoon) writes 'Funny you should blog about this, as I was just sitting down to MY blog to comment on how wonderful the current issue of BEADWORK is! I love every single seed bead project - and even as an intermediate/advanced beader, will learn something new from every single one. Why do I love seed beads? For all the reasons you listed - the carthartic-ness(is that a word?) the portability, the fluidness - I just love my seeds! Can't wait to work on Summer Soiree - love those bezels! And can't wait for Beaded Opulence - mine has been impatiently ordered. I know you've visited before, but my blog site, if you are interested is'

Rebecca Starry writes I talk about my love of beads in my artist statement...I love the challenge of bringing a three dimensional piece of art to life. I find the color, composition and engineering elements of making art to be particularly challenging and fascinating. Beads as a medium allow me to do this with a great amount of detail through various off loom techniques. I find beadwork interactive in nature – the colorful particles warming to my touch as I stitch them together one by one. This warmth provides me with pleasure and positive feedback as the artwork is constructed.and...I have only one rule while making art in my studio – no clocks or watches allowed. This rule frees me from the constraints of time and allows me to saunter down the creative path one bead at a time. I do not want the boundaries of time to limit the artwork from developing into its full potential. And, selfishly I did not want any restraints from exploring and participating in the full creative journey while making art.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Creature of habit?

First off, thanks to everyone who took the time to comment, mail or blog on the 'Seed Beads, Why?' post. I thought the responses were most thoughtful and there was a lot of common threads, a lot of wisdom shared. And of course we're all connected through our love of that mighty little seed bead.

I'm a tad busy at the moment, what with a wedding and all.....but will summarize, link blogs and post your responses next week.

But back to 'Creature of habit',...If I have a favorite restaurant I will most likely have a favorite dish, the one I always get at that restaurant. My morning walk a certain path, my hair a certain cut, my clothes a certain beadweaving stitch, well you get the idea

So yesterday I branched out and tried some circular brick, thanks Leslie, not quite on purpose mind you, I was doing up swatches to see how to best scallop the pearls for my daughter's wedding. So there I was brick stitching along, putting two seeds on the thread ladder between the pearls so it wouldn't be so thready, and then all of a sudden I noticed I was doing right angle weave! Yep, brick to right angle, I may just be a creature of habit.

The good news, that little piece of accidental beadwork has great potential and when I have just a bit more time, I'm going to continue the bead play.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Seed Beads, Why?

To my fellow seed beaders I'm curious about your attraction, why seeds?

Do you find while beading in public the non beader comments go like this

'You must have really good eyes'
'You must have a lot of patience'
'How long does that take?'

I don't know about you, but my family might tell you that patience is not necessarily one of my virtues. And 'How long does it take?' I never have a good answer, I don't track it, it takes hours, I know that, but how many...a few every day for a few days...

So why seeds? The attraction to color, the level of detail, the meditative quality of the weaving, the fabulous result, the endless variety, the simplicity of the tools required?

Leave me a comment, send me mail or if you'd like to explore the subject on your blog, send me a link. I'd love to hear from you.

And if you're reading and not drawn to the seeds, why not?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beads Baubles and Jewels day of filming

One of the things I love about being involved in a project like this is all the other artists I meet. Bead and Button is like that of course, but it's a whirlwind and it's big and I don't get to spend intimate time with other artists and explore their work.

Oh, the filming? You many want to know went well, at least from my perspective. Kathie the producer comes in and coaches you on your approach and timing with Katina the host. Once you start it is just like talking to a friend who you are showing your process too. I don't recall feeling particularly nervous but I also don't recall did I say um, or you know, or like or all my little speech idioms. No one said cut so I guess I did ok. I'll get a dvd in November when it's time for it to air and I'll post it for you all to see (well maybe, after I see it first...)

So for my 6 minutes of fame I got to hang around all day with super talented folks and peruse their stuff! You'd think I'd have more pictures but well...I don't.

I was completely impressed with Leslie Rogalski who filmed 13 segments in a super clever format of drawing the thread path and then beading all the most poplular stitches and then showcasing jewelry using the technique. She even used a couple of my raw pieces. Her work is geometric and clean and artistic and I really like it.

You'll for sure want to see the segments filmed by Mark Nelson of Rio Grande. He was totally natural behind camera and has a soothing yet commanding voice while imparting lots of great information.

Nina Cooper of Nina Designs was there

and I got to see many of her components worked up into jewelry and they were all fabulous and now I want so many of them. She also shared her photos on her latest trip to Indonesia. She had an amazing set of photos where she took underwater photos of her charms in a tide pool and they were so lovely. I think it was a Canon power shot which was fully submersible, wow!

Marlene Blessing was there. Marlene puts together larger ecletic pieces with huge style.

Then Jean Campbell came and set up for her segments 'beading for boys' 'beading with resin' and 'beading for metal allergies' Her January December Designer of the Year poject was there. All I can say is you best be getting that issue, it was absolutely fabulous and clever and brilliantly designed and I loved it.

Here's Marlene and Jean together, Marlene's the pretty blond, Jean's the pretty brunette.

I know I've gone on forever here, but then we all went to dinner which included three artists I hadn't met before who will be doing segments today. I'm sorry I wont be there to fondle all of their art as well. But I did enjoy lively dinner conversation and would have loved to have spent more time.

I met Kerry Bogert who will have a book coming out with Interweave and Melanie Brooks from Earthenwood Studio who is at the forefront of the Steampunk movement and was really fun and then Diane Hawkey who works with clay and whose blog I found to be really fun and expressive and who I also wish I had spent more time with.

It's been a really wonderful experience, thank you to Marlene for asking me!

Back to San Diego to get ready for the wedding!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beads Baubles and Jewels...

I'm here! I'm set up, ready for make up and so far, not nervous.....

Last night I got to have dinner at a fabulous Lebanese restaurant with the most excellent hummus I've ever tasted. And the best part I had dinner with Leslie Rogalski editor of Step by Step Beads and Marlene Blessing, Editorial Director for Beadwork. And then!

We went to the hotel and beaded together. Can you imagine a better evening. I also got to meet Nina of Nina Designs and Mark from Rio Grande

The experience so far has been exceptional!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

on my way

I'm in the Chicago airport on my way to Cleveland for a beads baubles
and jewels beading segment. Also filming; Candice Cooper who I've never
met and am completely excited about meeting and Jean Campbell who I
have met and can't wait to see again AND Marlene Blessing will be there!

hopefully I won't have a complete nervous breakdown....I film
tomorrow! First you 'go to make-up' I've never been 'to make-up'

Tomorrow I'll give the update on how it all goes.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday we had a little time for a drive to Stillwater. We spent our wedding night at the Lowell Inn a charming old bed and breakfast. Stillwater is on the St. Croix river at the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I have a favorite shop that I visit whenever I make the trip to Stillwater. Rose Mille is a fun eclectic mixture of books, clothing, jewelry, home furnishings and craft supplies.

I got to talking to the owner a couple of years back and it turns out her first venture was in San Jose, California right near where I grew up the family and worked for many years. And now she's come back home to Stillwater. All the fixtures are innovative yet functional and it's one of those shops that is a pleasure to experience.

I'm pretty sure if the beading thing doesn't work out I could be a personal shopper.

Another noteworthy shop, new to Stillwater was Interior Motive with fresh modern home accents. Given that I'm travelling the glass salad bowl I adored was not going to go home with me, but I did pick up two napkins. I love cloth napkins and have a rather extensive collection, but can always use a couple of more.

The sky was brilliant yesterday. Nothing like a big fluffy cumulus cloud, backlit by the sun against a gorgeous blue sky.

We meandered around the lake on the pontoon boat, Mark again captaining the ship.

I love my ocean, the power and strength of the waves, the smell, but....I think this lake living is a pretty good thing as well.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beaders, I have new beaders

Niece's Madeline 9 and Amy 19 were both enamored with my beading and wanted to learn.

First we went out for fireworks, but Madeline, unimpressed just wanted to get back to try her hand at beads.

I thought I would teach her to string a few beads, but I could quickly tell that was going to bore her so, I switched to teaching her flat even peyote 3 stitches wide. (Stop laughing, I do too know how to do peyote, and as quick as she was I didn't think I should start with right angle weave) She picked out her 3 favorite colors in size 11 and began. What a quick study! I was amazed. She left with about 2 inches done and some beads and thread to keep working. I think she's hooked.

And Amy had an earring design going and just needed some guidance on how to complete them. The finished earrings were worn home by Madeline. That's two new beadweavers!

The day was stellar with 70 degree weather, a light drizzle at 2:00 and otherwise clear and beautiful for the family's arrival at 3:30. Food was abundant, including Captain Ken's baked beans (we dont' have them in California, they are sooooo good), sweet corn and a myriad of salads. Sister in law Wink, made potatoe salad with farm grown (her farm) red white and blue potatoes.

Enjoying the day...

Emmy and Chris

Katie, John and Vincent

Captain Mark


Madeline and Vincent

It's been a nice visit. I continue to get ready for my tv debut on Beads Baubles and Jewels and will leave here Tuesday morning for Ohio! What will I be doing? Bezelling rivolis with right angle weave. When will it air? Sometime in November. I'll keep you posted, although in San Diego I don't get the particular segment of PBS that plays Beads Baubles and Jewels.