Thursday, September 3, 2015

Off traveling

Yes, we've finally come to the point where travel in our airstream is taking precedence over the bead schedule.  We've been working towards this for a year and it's here.

That however does not mean I've stopped beading, designing and writing patterns.  I continue to do all of that.  I just received some of the new Swarovski launch pieces and immediately packed them for inspiration.

There are some gorgeous new colors including the scarabaeous green which is very dramatic.  I packed some 4470 with the thought of doing another duomos romanticos like this one.  This one is soft and romantic but the new one should be bold and dramatic.

As usual I suspect I've packed far more than I could begin to bead on this outing.  I've got plans to rebead a sprockets with bigger spikes, complete the second cryptex and start the third and I have some new earrings planned as well.  I'll take some photos for you along the way and if you want to keep up with our travels that would be my other blog