Wednesday, December 22, 2021

my annual post!

 Well that was not the intent to make this blog one annual post,  but a quick look tells me that is what is true, I posted last, in December of 2020 and now it is December of 2021.

So what did I do in a year?

We used the safety of the airstream to do some travel including visits with friends and family.  I returned to sewing class and have had varied results, but the last two makes were good ones.

I made some health changes, choosing to eliminate alcohol for the most part (for now, we'll see what the future holds) increased the walking and lost twenty five pounds (so far).  I feel 90% would be 100 but my body is sometimes in reaction to my age and is sometimes achy and crickety.

I also made a lot of stuff!

metamorphosis by sew liberated

Sew sweetness train case

Tiny tassels

a few shrink plastic bottles

How I roll socks with yarn cafe creations mini skeins

sweet bottle in pink

Sabine Lippert heart

Yarn Minder bag by sew sweetness

Tracy Stanley heart

Pink fizz by Andrea Mowry

Shawl pin by Sabine Lippert

Tiny tassels
hand warmers with beaded cuff

fabric bowls from Modern fabric bowls

Merriweather in Kestrel by quince and co

Sugar slip in white linen by Tina Givens
Gifted earrings
Yarn minder gifted

sugar slip in black linen tina Givens
airstream travel in Santa Cruz Ca
summer socks little boxes by Summer Lee knits
ghastlies fabric coin purse by Sew Sweetness
Noodle head bag purl fabric
sunshine in my pockets for Bella's 6th birthday
Julies wrap by Joji Locatelli
uneek socks by Urth
Levenwick in Brooklyn tweed, buttons by Lisa Peters Russ
woolfork by Jacqueline Cieslak from the book Embody.  Fabric by Tina Givens
Felix in Peace Fleece from the wooly thistle
Thalia by Tina Givens in stretch bamboo fleece from Mood
Vanilla sweater kit from wooly thistle
heart by Tracy Stanley embroidered by me
magnolia cardigan, yarn from Apricot yarn supply 
noodle head pattern redwood tote in canvas linen, gifted

Birdie designed by Heather Kingsley Heath
Vogue 7700 in Tina Givens cotton lawn
me with my honey at Sensorio in Paso Robles

Half of the family at Chaminade Santa Cruz

Merry Christmas to all!