Friday, August 29, 2014

European beading tour

I started in Scotland and met the delightful Jo Lochhead for the first time.  I fell in love with everything about that experience....her home, her shop, her family, the students.  I also made my very first trip to Edinburgh and was there during the Fringe festival.  We saw quite some sites on the Royal Mile.

Off to England where I taught four classes, one of them touch of whimsy resulting in many wonderful combinations, these included.  My lovely host Lynn surprised me with a visit to Downton Abbey, where Sian met us for a wonderful day.

Off to Hamburg where for the first time I met Miriam Shimon!  which was every bit as much of a treat as I anticipated.  Besides talented, she is warm, friendly, funny and gives the best hugs.

How cute are these to Swedish girls.  Kristina is wearing her battle headpiece.

It's been a wonderful trip!  On my way home I stopped in New York city where I met Edgar Lopez.  Edgar is one of the artists in Marcia DeCoster presents and he signed the book.  We had a delightful visit at York beads where I got to experience firsthand his passion for beading.  I hope we have the opportunity to cross paths again.

I am working on having every artist in the book sign may take me some time as the contributors live in some far reaching places, but that is my goal!