Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A new gypsy jacket

When I left you last I had the idea to make a new gypsy jacket in white linen.  I cut it out and stitched together two days before leaving on a 12 day trip to Spain.

When I returned I had exactly 5 days to get ready for a 6 week trip in the airstream.....So what did I do, I sewed.

I am sad that I will be missing my machine, although there is knitting and beading to do, both more portable.

While in Madrid I bought a pretty watercolor fabric and also a sheer polka dot embroidered fabric.

This was my first gypsy jacket.  It was short and I decided to make this one longer.

My white linen was too plain and I wasn't liking it.  I did play around with printing out a design that I did using adobe draw on the iPad.  I printed it out on extravorganza a sheer printable fabric from Jacquard.  I liked the results but still thought it was too plain.
I decided to use the polka dot which meant cutting off the bottom piece and then reattaching it with the polka dot as an overlay.  I liked it but it still needed something, so I went off in search of lace trim.  I wasn't able to find a matching cream color that I had already used so I decided to go for contrast.    Truth be told I don't really love it, but it's stitched down good now and so I think it's a garment that I'll wear at times but not a favorite.  Sometimes I wish I were less impulsive.  Had I sat with the decision longer I think I may have appreciated the white linen and perhaps a different piece of artwork.  Or maybe I would have dyed it, but oh well I am impulsive and fickle!

All in All I created a wearable garment and my skills are improving.  This pattern is by Tina  Givens

And now there is packing to be done!  I have to wind yarn to finish Mark's vest.  The back is about 1/2 away from being done and fits perfectly.  I'm finding it an easy knit with beautiful yarn and it will serve me well while traveling to have a mindless knit on the needles.  Next up is Georgetown, a cardigan in a fuchsia donegal tweed.  I need to wind the yarn for that.   Susan at South Park Dry Goods took all my measurements and worked out the numbers so once the vest is done I'll be ready to start.  I also need to figure out how many and which beads to bring.  I have a project that needs inspiration, design and development by September.  I have some Gaudi photos I think I'll use for inspiration.