Monday, December 31, 2012

Design Process

I'm often asked where do design ideas come from, or about the process of design.  If I examine the answer closely, more often then not it starts with play, which results in a component or a focal piece and then the rest of the design must grow to meet that original concept.

Oh every once in awhile I see an entire piece in my minds eye, or I work from a sketch of something seen in a movie or a store window or a costume jewelry book.  But for the most part I pick up a pile of beads, often a Swarovski elements fancy stone and I begin to bead.

I may change my mind along the way about colors or embellishments.  I might decide on an entirely different shape, but in the end I usually have a piece of beadwork waiting to become jewelry.

Such is the case for this lovely, large and bold piece.

And for the observant, yes I am just that messy, pushing wrong choices out of the way and generally making a mess on the tray.  For me I love the colorplay that happens on the tray.  The fucshia , green, gold and turquoise ab2x is a burst of color I find exciting.

But back to design.  First this was going to be a pendant, then a cuff, then a bead embroidered cuff, then.....For right now I think I will just continue to stare at it and mull over the options.  I'm leaning towards cuff, big and bold.

How does your design process work?  Do you start out with a vision or a pile of beads, or a little of both?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year preparations

No, not those kind...we always do New Years quietly, what I am talking about is working out a plan of what needs doing and when during the course of the year.

I have a few large projects, all competing for their share of time, so a little planning goes a long way to not having 'surprise' deadlines.

I just finished proof reading 'Beads in Motion' and it's looking good.  This will probably be the last task on this one until it is released in fall of this year.  There are some really nice projects, including the first time I've published Rings of Saturn. How could I not, given it was the inspiration for the books title.  Lot's of other cool projects, all incorporating motion of some sort of another.

I am about half way through with the projects for 'The Bead Within' and I am very very happy with how they are turning out.  This one still has a long ways to go though, and all of the writing and illustrating that goes along with it will be complete by mid summer.

I am also curating a third book, and that work will be due in January.  Which is good because it will then leave me time to continue preparations for the Master Class at Bead and Button.  I will be doing a presentation on designing with components and providing lots of inspirational design ideas.

January also will be my first trip to City Beads in Chicago which I am very excited about.  I am hoping for a snow storm that leaves me enjoying the beauty without interrupting the travel plans.  Wish me luck.  And if you are looking for Southern California I will be at Beadology on January 5th.

Also this year in March is Beading by the Bay and my Pacific Morning glory will need to be kitted in three colors.

Also in March Sabine will travel with me down the coast of California, doing a bit of sight seeing as we go, and then joining me in my home studio where I'll be hosting a workshop.  That promises to be a fun time.

I'm going to Bead Creative in New Hampshire in May and meeting a long time Facebook friend for the first time which will be very exciting.  I'll also be meeting a fellow beader who lived in my home town of Norwood Massachusetts and attended the same high school.  She signed up to take my class at Bead Creative. That should be great fun.

Creative Castle, my long term California venue will be in July this year.  I love that I can travel there by train which I will mostly likely do again this year.

In August I'll be at Fusion beads again, and I'll be meeting a friend and enjoying the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle for a second time.

September I will be cruising to Alaska with Dallas Lovett and Nancy Cain.  I loved my first Alaskan cruise two years ago and am super excited that this one will return to the Tracy Arms Fjord which was my favorite visual on the last trip.

I'll also be at Beads Gone Wild in West Palm Beach Florida before getting ready for a month long European trip where I will teach twice in England and then making the trip over to Germany for a long weekend of teaching at Das Perlament.  I'll also land in London and spend a few days vacationing before joining Stephney in the midlands and Lynn at StitchnCraft in Dorset.

When I get home from Germany I have a week off before traveling to Beads by Blanche and there may be one more trip after that!  Planning is still in the works.

So now a session with the planning book, making sure I'm well prepared to meet all my deadlines!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The forgotten blog

Very unlike me......I had the usual holiday busy-ness, but that is really no excuse.....I've been in a bit of a beading lull.  Somehow between houseguests and a trip up North, then Christmas company, I got a little bit out of synch with the studio.

We did have a very cozy Christmas Eve and daughter Casey indulged my love for candles with a calla lily candelabra.

We also added to the blown glass ornament tradition.  Mark's ornaments have always been ocean themed, as in lighthouses, boats, and mermaids.

I have been visiting with Paisley, my all time favorite traveling bracelet, and it went with me to Santa Cruz where we visited and had breakfast with Rachel Nelson Smith and husband Colin.  Also along was baby Smith, due to meet the world in late March.

Today I made it to the gym, and managed to grocery shop for a healthy new start.  I'm starting early, no waiting until New Years Day, that is just permission to indulge more then I should, so tomorrow starts a new push for healthy eating and healthy exercising.  I've been here before, but I have a lot of inspiration  and I intend to succeed.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Cruz

We grew up our family in Santa Cruz and now our children are growing up theirs.

Today we babysat and it was pretty magical. We've shifted now, we 're Grandma and Grandpa and she takes pride in repeating that. She has so many words and sentences now......'Grandpa went to the store in a car to get waffles'

We walked and cuddled and read stories and watched iPad movies. She is just darling!

Here she is walking with her Grandpa

Enjoying her new necklace

And her new knitted things

watching movies on the iPad

What beautiful times to share the joy of a child.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Color Play

I give you eight more color combinations....and then I must, I really must turn back to some real work that awaits me.  These however have been a blast and every pair is destined for a gift, along with the eight pair already gifted.  I did however keep one pair for myself, although I do hope that I'll carve out some time to make some more 'after the holidays'.

You know the 'after' when you are sure you will have great gobs of available time because it is 'after the holidays'.

Can you guess which pair there are two of, one of which will be mine?

I have been toying with the idea of making kits up of some of my favorite color combinations here.  I know that not everyone has access to coordinating pearls and crystals with just the right accent bead.  A ready made package of just the right beads together with a really easy and doable pattern might be something folks would like.

I'll give it some more thought, you know, 'after the holidays'!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thirty minute earrings

I know because I timed them.  Admittedly I've had practice, since I've now made in the vicinity of fifteen pair.  Almost all are destined for gifting, which of course is a lovely thing to do, but I find I want a pair of almost every one getting them down to thirty minutes is great.

I posted this version a few days ago here.

And since then, I've discovered the combination of 3 mm Swarovski pearls works really well with the Swarovski element crystals and I also love the 3 mm Tierra Cast metal beads which add some heft to them.

And on top of that I've added chain, so they swing delicately from your earlobe.  Having a stash of 3mm crystals and pearls really helps the design process.  I love it when you can play with color in such a small place, with totally different results.

Each new pair is my new favorite, so I am currently loving the muted platinum pearl with light gold metallic crystal and purple haze drops.

But the pair on the right have burgundy ab2x crystals with Tierra cast metal beads and some 2 mm gold aurum crystal as the embellishment bead.

You need to know cubic right angle weave, but this is a great project for learning it.  So have some fun with it, and if you do, send pictures.  I'd love to see your color combinations!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paisley Traveling Bracelet

It was my exceptional good fortune to come home from the post office after mailing off the Asian Crane and Kilim traveling bracelets to find on my doorstep a box.....It was the right size, but nobody mentioned wanting to send me one so I was perplexed.

But I carried the box inside and opened it to find Paisley, sent to me by Marty a friend of Sig's who I've never met, but was kind enough to help me along with my quest.

I will tell you that this one's timing was perfect.  I have had quite a lot going on and an awful lot of things to get done and was feeling pretty overwhelmed.  This kindness, and the beauty of this bracelet gave me a moment to pause, catch my breath and feel cared about.

I decided we needed an outing, so yesterday we went to the Fish Market on the water for a sushi lunch, followed by a walk to Seaport Village.

Here is Paisley with the San Diego skyline in the background.

Paisley - Traveling Bracelet
You can see the stormy sky, making for me a perfectly lovely day.

I have loved every bracelet I've visited with, but this one I clamped on my wrist immediately and have worn every day.  First off it fits perfectly.  I suspect all bracelets were made with the same bracelet blank so I'm not quite sure why, but this one just feels entirely right.  Then I laughed as I realized, of course, it's black!  It goes with everyone of my outfits.  This is the second one I just may have to take time out and make.  For now it will travel with me to Santa Cruz, visit the ocean, family and friends before being mailed off early next week.

I do try to be a good steward of the bracelets, playing by the rules, updating the paperwork, providing Sig with posts about their time, and sending them along to someone who's asked.  So should you like to help me with my quest to visit with all of the bracelets, I'd be happy to host another for a week.   You can always check to see which ones I've had here.  For the record, Paisley is number eight for me!

Knitting Little

Knitting for little ones is so rewarding!  Malayna is at an age where she loves her clothes and even more so if they are pink!

Last week I knitted her a little shoulder wrap ponchette, and it seemed only fitting that she should have some arm warmers to go with her poncho, for the full fashion effect.  At 22 months she is quite the fashionista, being the only little one to have matching leg warmers for every outfit, when she attends her gymnastic class.

Although I've been knitting much longer then beading, I am not a knitwear designer by any stretch of the imagination.  Now admittedly there isn't much of a design feat here, but I did sort out the right number of stitches and worked tubular garter stitch ridges and stockinette in the round using the 2 circular needle method.  I put 2 increases in every 5th stockinette round to flare them a bit (although a toddlers arm most likely won't need this feature) and then I cast off using the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn cast off so it would be extra stretchy.

I love the effect a bit of garter stitch has with a variegated yarn, where the color change is so prominent.  We'll be enjoying a visit with family next week, and I'm hoping that Malayna loves her new Grandma knits.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Traveling Bracelets!

You may remember my quest to visit with all of the traveling bracelets?

Well I was fortunate enough to receive both the Asian Crane which had traveled to China with Phyllis Dintenfass  Remembering my quest she was nice enough to send it along.

My other recent bracelet came from Judith Bertoglio-Giffin.   This one, Kilim was especially wonderful because it started out on the East Coast and was driven by Judith across many states before arriving in Arizona.  The desire for this particular bracelet is that it be the first to visit every state, and a state chart accompanies the paperwork so it can always continue it's journey onto a new state.

It's also special because along the way, Judith and Kilim stopped in New Orleans where they visited with fantastic bead artist and friend Bev Herman.

I am truly enamored with the design of Kilim, the one little shiny bronze bead in the midst of all the saturated matte colors was brilliant!

I wasn't out and about in the bead world during these visits, but I did visit family,

I made sure that both, but especially Kilim visited the San Diego iconic hotel, The Del Coronado for  her first Pacific Coast experience.

I do have Maya poses, but Valentine, daughter Casey's new pup, stood in as a very competent model.

And as I get ready for the Holidays, Kilim was my tree topper!

As always, the many stories of the Traveling Bracelets can be found here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

felted ball necklace

An easy and crazy fun to do necklace for a little girl who is in love with necklaces.

I strung a really long length of double 6 lb fire line, and added a stop bead to one end.  I pierced the first felted ball, alternated a few size 6 and size 11 seed beads and pierced the next ball.  A few striped lampwork disks added to the whimsicalness (I'm pretty sure that is not a word, but it should be), oh and a plastic owl or two.  Once I had the right length, I went back through the first stop bead and felted ball.

Then I did some random embellishments on a ball and passed through the seeds to the next ball.  The most fun was coming up a pattern for each ball.  I left a few plain so as not to overwhelm, and not seen here, but I did add alphabet beads which spell Malayna.  

I'm pretty sure she's going to like it...I'll let you know!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Peasy Crystal Earrings

These do require knowing cubic right angle weave, but after that they are very simple, quick and make a great gift.

They do require 56 3 mm Swarovski Element crystals for the pair, but when have I ever designed something with less?

On double fireline, I create one column of 3 cubes with the 3 mm crystals.  In this case I used one color for the walls and a contrast for the floor and ceiling beads.  I embellished the spaces with a size 15 bead, then used a head pin to stack some additional accent beads and a larger crystal, but any accents would do.  I wire wrapped the top and hung from a simple ear wire.  The earring card is my business card with holes poked using my very sharp Tulip awl.

So far I've made black and silver with red accents, silver with green and red accents, green with gold accents and gold with green up I'm going to use some 3 mm Swarovski pearls with a nice big 6 mm Indigo crystal on the bottom. 

Fun, easy and a nice little bit of sparkle for the holidays!

I tuck these in my purse and gift them as the opportunity arises.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Late to the two hole party

So many brilliant designs have been done with two holed super duos and twin beads, and yet so far I've not participated....why, the two holes intimidate me.

I think I just need to pick up a pile, and see what happens, but so far I've not made the time.

I have however used the one hole two sided peanut bead, and I love the result.  It makes a nice textural and hefty piece of beadwork.

One thread path two sides.  Almost has a cubic raw feel to it.

Now I hear of another new bead, fat like a super duo, but with only one hole.  It is called the RIZO and it will be released mid December.  Sabine Lippert has teamed up with Hynek Strand to develop this new bead and the German girls and English girls have been playing with it's possibilities with excellent results.  Perhaps I need to get some RIZO's and have a play myself.

They will be available several places in Europe and in the U.S. at Beads by Blanche, not sure of the timing yet, but I intend to get on the list to have some!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Knitting break

Sunday was a grey day in San Diego and I took in my head early morning that Malayna needed a poncho, knit by grandma of course.

A search of Ravelry revealed Squishy Love a simple ribbed pattern and an easy knit.  I raided the stash and found this beautiful hand painted soft worsted wool. A day with Ipad movies in my favorite chair and this was done.

Now to find a perfect little out fit to compliment it!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A tradition of Ornaments

It started the first year Mark and I were together and he came home from a business trip with a blown glass ornament for each of us.  From there, each year we had an outing to pick out an ornament.  Over the years there were pickles and artichokes and clowns and birds and a few more traditional choices.  I always picked a Santa, giving me a smaller range to choose from and helping with my indecisive nature.

As our children have grown and have families of their own we've passed their ornaments on to them.

So I thought it might be time for an new tradition!   This ornament, hand painted and crystallized with Swarovski crystals, by the Crystal Ninja will be a perfect start.  M could be Mark or Marcia, but in this case it is for my precious Grand baby Malayna!
Crystal Ninja - Kellie DeFries

Kellie has a big selection of colors and styles.  There are clear ones with 'crystal dust' inside, and I just ordered a white one with Rose crystals.  Should you like to start a tradition of your own, visit Kellie's Etsy Shop.  Kellie is an exceptional artist and you are able to pick your own favorite colors.  I would love to have a tree full of these!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bead and Button Master Class

Since Marlene first invited me to the seed bead master class teacher for the Bead and Button show, I knew exactly how I wanted to approach it.

You see I love the excitement of design, the moments when you have completed some fanciful bit of beadwork and then the journey to see it come together into beautiful jewelry.  I'm a jewelry kind of girl, in fact that is what started my quest to learn beadwork.

I've been creating and teaching beadwork for about twenty years now and in that time I have learned a lot about the process, or my process at least.

For me, it all starts with that first thread path, with coaxing the beads into a pleasing shape, and then looking at ways the shape might be changed.  Could I fold it, make it larger, stack them, connect them at their ends, their sides?  Once I've got a few made then the arranging begins, and more often then not it varies from my original concept.  Bracelets become pendants, or chokers, or earrings or rings, or some of each.

I love using a repeatable thread path, and seeing how far it will take me.  The romantic medallion started life as the connector between the Victoria fans

and then a triangular shape became La Boquita

Six sided around a bead became a beaded bead used in Earth Sky Water

and finally Romantica

All one thread path, different beads, different counts, very different projects!

This is the design process I am excited about sharing, and there will be five different components AND a playground of those components that you will use in class to arrange your own design visions.  All directions will be provided and together we will develop a huge number of design options.  We will also capture your visions digitally so that you may take home with you the wide number of possibilities you discover.

And you will begin and maybe complete the project for one or more of your visions.  It is easy to envision a beautiful pendant, or chunky bangle, or a stunning choker, or lariat or....well you get the idea, unlimited possibility.

You may gather I'm excited, I find the collaborative process thrilling and can't wait for this class to begin. Oh and the good news, Swarovski Elements will be sponsoring the kits, so I've lowered the price accordingly!  Three beautiful palettes will be available with 2 colors and 3 sizes each of crystals, crystal pearls, and coordinating seed beads in size 15, 11 and 8's.

Oh, I got carried away....the details, June 2-4 2013 at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee.  You must apply by December 21st and a lottery will determine participants on December 27th. Interested, want to know more?  Use this form to send me an email and I'd be happy to discuss the class with you.

Update: the first master class is sold out, but a second has been added for June 5th, 6th and 7th!

Kandra's Dream Keeper

I've mentioned that the Dream Keeper series are named for women in my life who I hold dear.  This one is named for Kandra, and she called yesterday to say she'd received it.  I wanted it to be sparkly and pretty but also with a bit of a warrior feels, so I used metal beads from Tierra Cast to close the top.  this one also has a companion, which is inverse in colors, but still closed with the metal beads.  No promises yet on when this one will be on the website....I need to focus on the next book at the moment, but it will be there, along with two other color ways, Lucia and Liz!

Kandra  has been a bead force in the bead community for a very long time.  I first met her when she attended a class at Creative Castle which was probably in the 2001 ish time frame.  She invited me to teach at the 'By the Bead Blue Sea' retreat in Cambria and at her store in San Luis Obispo.  It was back in my 'Bellisimo' days, a right angle weave beaded bead, and Kandra made several beautiful ones.

These are mine, but the dagger one was inspired by Kandra.

It's funny to go so far back and see the start of my right angle weave ways!  It would be fun to bring back Bellisimo....and maybe there is a day I will.

Kandra's current endeavor is Kandra's beads in Solvang, a Danish town off the 101.  We had the opportunity to stop by on our last trip North.  Kandra has a beautiful selection of Japanese seed beads, and she remains, kind, radiant and beautiful!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Design - a mind of ones own

Yesterday I talked about the bracelet I was making and the challenges of a forgotten thread path.....Well as so often happens once the 3 of 7 pieces for the bracelet were made I started playing with arrangements....and a really pretty necklace showed up.

Mark is actually quite useful during these little design sessions, providing input and moving pieces around.

As always creating the appropriate connections and the rest of the necklace remained.  I had a good solution for both, pressing the new ERAW into action.

I used it to put a size 11 in a dark complimentary color between the peanut beads I was using for a necklace.  The effect if very subtle, actually almost invisible, but it does lend a touch of contrast which adds some visual interest to the gold shiny peanut beads.  I am thinking that putting an 8 between peanut beads might be even more visually interesting and I'm ready to try drop beads in cubic raw as well.

And if I weren't running out the door to get my walk in, and had photo stream actually worked so my camera photo showed up on the IMAC I would totally show you.....

But I must fit in a walk before the bead gals arrive.  The rest of the necklace is up today which is great. I find visiting while doing mindless beadwork to be the best.  If I am trying to overcome design challenges I end up being pretty useless.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nuance of a thread path

I beaded up a beautiful little nugget of beady goodness, put it aside and waited for the time to make some companions for a bracelet.  I'm always so sure I will remember what I did, it is always so clear when I do it.....

A bit of cubic raw and then some loops from each corner which capture a Swarovski fancy stone under the loops.

I could see that the loops exited from an interior corner bead, but once I did that, there was no way to travel to the next corner, and the loops were close together and didn't capture the stone as well.  I was stumped, I looked and looked and couldn't sort out how I did it.

I put it aside and went to bed and as so often happens I woke up knowing the answer.  I don't remember my brain working it out (sometimes I do, sometimes I draw thread paths in my sleep) but this time I just woke up in the middle of the night and realized that my loops were going the wrong way.

They needed to be across the center of the square and not in the corners.   Same beads are exited, but it makes all the difference in the way the stone is held.  Well at least in theory, I'm pretty sure I'm right, now to go and bead it.  After I successfully repeat the component I have to decide how they will be connected and finally how to provide a clasp that integrates into the overall design.

I've got a bit of solid time in front of me right now, good design time and a sketchbook full of ideas for The Bead Within.  So my time will be spent in the studio, the really clean studio, developing my ideas into finished pieces.

I love the quiet of serious studio time.  We are putting together more Dream Keeper rings, as the original production run have all sold out and we have many more orders.  Supplies should arrive today or tomorrow and then we'll get them made up and shipped out.  I'm hoping to release one more color as well.  The last color is named for a friend whose having a bit of a medical challenge right now and I wanted to send her  a dream, and some strength.  The rings are good for that, tucking in a private message for a loved on.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Studio Put Away

We have certainly visited this subject before.  There comes a time when the clutter in the studio gets in the way of a calm and creative experience and that time had arrived and hung around for awhile while I finished my last bead  travels of the year.

The day before I left the new table arrived, the one where I can seat 12 around one table!  It has two leaves that make that possible and without them 8 will be a really comfortable number.  Right now I have been using black Italian leather chairs that were dining chairs from when I lived in Santa Cruz so they have served me well and will need to continue to do so for a bit more.  So here is the plan, I will search consignment stores to find odd wooden chairs that I can bring home and paint black.  Eventually I hope to replace all of the old chairs, but this way, at least as each new one arrives it can co mingle with the existing.  Twelve is a lot of chairs and buying new ones is just not an option.

So while cleaning the studio yesterday, I also did a lot of chatting with facebook friends.  The majority are also bead girls, so they had useful advice when I posted how the odd bits were the hardest to find places for.  Amy suggested the 'land of odds' bin where all the odd bits would live and that is where you would look for them.  So I give you my land of odds bin.

She also suggested a put away bin for those tubes of seed beads that came off the wall and needed to go back.  The problem is I have one of, ahem, two of them, and it has become daunting.  Her advice was so obvious, the go back bin needs to be small, so you are forced to empty it more often.  Pretty smart, heh?  I should have thought of that.  In the meantime, the go backs are currently hidden out of sight....who knows, some day I may just feel like tackling that job.  But what I did do was put away every new color of seed bead.

My newly organized, clean studio awaits me.  I have a local bead group who will be visiting this week to christen the table.  It will also welcome a Bead Society class in January, the first workshop to be held where I don't have to scavenge enough tables and try to organize an efficient environment.  I hope to fine tune it over time as I would love to host workshops once or twice a year with guest artists.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New York City

I had the best day. Starting with train travel which right up there with ferry is my favorite type of travel.
We headed into New York and ended up in Penn station transferring to the subway getting off on 14th street. We ended up in a shop that had lots of skulls, and wonderful trinkets. Next on the same stretch was an old bookstore where Mark found a 2007 Swarovski hard cover bridal book, with a lot of inspiration.
Next we met Jean Power and boyfriend for a delightful meal at Fig and Olive in the restored meat packing district. Being a creature of habit and having eaten at the LA location recently I had the tuna carpaccio which was beautifully prepared and presented.
After an excellent lunch we took a walk on the High Line. it was totally magical and I marveled at the folks who have that kind of vision and the fortitude to make it happen.
Jean and I

And the pose

And the shadows

And the group

An excellent day, followed by a cozy evening, cocktails and dinner out in the local town where we are staying.
Tomorrow the Macy's day parade, a first for me. Then turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and stuffing.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beading interrupt

Yep, I've tried to bead but it is one of those periods of time where the vision and the actual are not meeting in the middle.....and really those are good, although possibly frustrating times.

They are good because they push me to think through solutions and not rely on the tried and true. This usually results in better work, more innovative, thoughtful and structurally sound work. I appreciate that, but.....

I was hoping this bit of downtime would yield more finished work. Last night I went to bead a component that I had already done one of, surely that would yield success, but no I didn't get the same result. Sigh.

So today I will travel to New York city, wander around Bryant Park, have a look at the Macy's windows, visit the garment district and give my brain a bead rest. With the exception of maybe buying a few beads.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cassandra pendant

One of the really fun things about teaching is seeing a piece done in so many beautiful colors, and this week has been no exception.

dancing light on Friday yielded a bit of innovation and some beautiful colors

Jamie's version with a beautiful laboradite faceted stone

And Nancy's strung on a pearl necklace with the addition of a rivoli.

And again Jamie, from last year En Pointe with a center bezeled stone, beautiful

And Cassandra

Ginny, Blanche And Elaine all opted for pendants, very beautifully done ladies!

Today will be Viennas debut class. It is going to be excellent to see what colors everyone chooses and see them all embracing CRAW!

I am definitely getting my New England chill with mornings in the low 30s, however days are warming to a very pleasant mid fifties. There is color left on a few of the trees and Pat bought me Dunkin Donut coffee and toaster muffins!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where have I been?

Well the dream keepers were a huge hit and we've been busy making labels and preparing shipments, which of course is all good, so I thank you all.  As of today they have all shipped and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Today was spent with friends and birthdays and it was an absolutely gorgeous day here on the West Coast, low 70's, gentle breeze, sitting at a table outside on the bay, completely lovely.

Tomorrow the new table gets delivered....and I'm hoping delivered means into the studio which is its destination.  Given that fully extended it is 104 inches long, it isn't going to be light.  But I am completely excited that I will be able to sit 12 comfortably around one table.  Of course at the moment I don't have 12 chairs, that will take a little work.  My current plan is to shop the consignment stores and collect an eclectic assortment of upholstered dining chairs...we'll see how that works out.

The table came from Z Gallerie.  You know when you've been looking and then you just walk in somewhere and there it is and you know it's right?

Here it is unextended but it comes with two leaves that make it really large.  Most of the time it will just be this dimension but when I need 12, and sometimes I do, it will be perfect!  I believe it may be Beki who gets to christen the table, but then Sabine is coming in March and I am sure she will enjoy it as well.

The one issue is keeping the (ahem) mess down to a manageable level so it can be cleared when a crowd is coming.  I can hardly wait to kit at this table.  Of course now that I have my recliner, I seldom bead at a table.  But I am still quite capable of making a mess!