Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Late to the two hole party

So many brilliant designs have been done with two holed super duos and twin beads, and yet so far I've not participated....why, the two holes intimidate me.

I think I just need to pick up a pile, and see what happens, but so far I've not made the time.

I have however used the one hole two sided peanut bead, and I love the result.  It makes a nice textural and hefty piece of beadwork.

One thread path two sides.  Almost has a cubic raw feel to it.

Now I hear of another new bead, fat like a super duo, but with only one hole.  It is called the RIZO and it will be released mid December.  Sabine Lippert has teamed up with Hynek Strand to develop this new bead and the German girls and English girls have been playing with it's possibilities with excellent results.  Perhaps I need to get some RIZO's and have a play myself.

They will be available several places in Europe and in the U.S. at Beads by Blanche, not sure of the timing yet, but I intend to get on the list to have some!


Unknown said...

I'll be interested to see how it differs from the peanut bead, since that one seems 'fat' to me in comparison to other beads...always something new to learn.

Cindy said...

I'm diggin' the two-hole beads, but I do have a confession: I'm just not into spike beads. They seem pretty popular and several artists have made amazing pieces with them, but I just haven't seen how I'd use them in my own work. The Risos look cool though.

Marcia DeCoster said...

feeling the same about spikes, although I love what some artists are doing, like Helena's snowflake, but I can't find an appropriate design either.

Patrick said...

Do have a play with the twins Marcia. I have been using them a lot but not so much like other people use them. I use them more for gaining two levels in my beading. I have been able to get interesting things done that way.

I also love the spikes and I am working on a main piece with them right now but waiting for supplies to arrive.


kmemho said...

I'm surprised that you say you're late to the party - I thought the party doesn't start until you get there :-) I just bought some peanuts myself after seeing Anna Draeger's RAW bracelet all done in peanuts. And CRAW was the first thing I thought of when I saw it! I'm just starting to play with tilas too. yeah, the two holed bead will take some time for me too! :)