Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The forgotten blog

Very unlike me......I had the usual holiday busy-ness, but that is really no excuse.....I've been in a bit of a beading lull.  Somehow between houseguests and a trip up North, then Christmas company, I got a little bit out of synch with the studio.

We did have a very cozy Christmas Eve and daughter Casey indulged my love for candles with a calla lily candelabra.

We also added to the blown glass ornament tradition.  Mark's ornaments have always been ocean themed, as in lighthouses, boats, and mermaids.

I have been visiting with Paisley, my all time favorite traveling bracelet, and it went with me to Santa Cruz where we visited and had breakfast with Rachel Nelson Smith and husband Colin.  Also along was baby Smith, due to meet the world in late March.

Today I made it to the gym, and managed to grocery shop for a healthy new start.  I'm starting early, no waiting until New Years Day, that is just permission to indulge more then I should, so tomorrow starts a new push for healthy eating and healthy exercising.  I've been here before, but I have a lot of inspiration  and I intend to succeed.

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