Thursday, December 13, 2012

Traveling Bracelets!

You may remember my quest to visit with all of the traveling bracelets?

Well I was fortunate enough to receive both the Asian Crane which had traveled to China with Phyllis Dintenfass  Remembering my quest she was nice enough to send it along.

My other recent bracelet came from Judith Bertoglio-Giffin.   This one, Kilim was especially wonderful because it started out on the East Coast and was driven by Judith across many states before arriving in Arizona.  The desire for this particular bracelet is that it be the first to visit every state, and a state chart accompanies the paperwork so it can always continue it's journey onto a new state.

It's also special because along the way, Judith and Kilim stopped in New Orleans where they visited with fantastic bead artist and friend Bev Herman.

I am truly enamored with the design of Kilim, the one little shiny bronze bead in the midst of all the saturated matte colors was brilliant!

I wasn't out and about in the bead world during these visits, but I did visit family,

I made sure that both, but especially Kilim visited the San Diego iconic hotel, The Del Coronado for  her first Pacific Coast experience.

I do have Maya poses, but Valentine, daughter Casey's new pup, stood in as a very competent model.

And as I get ready for the Holidays, Kilim was my tree topper!

As always, the many stories of the Traveling Bracelets can be found here.

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