Saturday, December 1, 2012

A tradition of Ornaments

It started the first year Mark and I were together and he came home from a business trip with a blown glass ornament for each of us.  From there, each year we had an outing to pick out an ornament.  Over the years there were pickles and artichokes and clowns and birds and a few more traditional choices.  I always picked a Santa, giving me a smaller range to choose from and helping with my indecisive nature.

As our children have grown and have families of their own we've passed their ornaments on to them.

So I thought it might be time for an new tradition!   This ornament, hand painted and crystallized with Swarovski crystals, by the Crystal Ninja will be a perfect start.  M could be Mark or Marcia, but in this case it is for my precious Grand baby Malayna!
Crystal Ninja - Kellie DeFries

Kellie has a big selection of colors and styles.  There are clear ones with 'crystal dust' inside, and I just ordered a white one with Rose crystals.  Should you like to start a tradition of your own, visit Kellie's Etsy Shop.  Kellie is an exceptional artist and you are able to pick your own favorite colors.  I would love to have a tree full of these!


Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

What a wonderful tradition! We've always picked up Christmas ornaments from our travels, whenever we see one. It's fun to decorate each year and remember where they came from!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

very lovely! I am in awe of the free hand perfection! It just flows and sparkles! Thank you!

jean xox