Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year preparations

No, not those kind...we always do New Years quietly, what I am talking about is working out a plan of what needs doing and when during the course of the year.

I have a few large projects, all competing for their share of time, so a little planning goes a long way to not having 'surprise' deadlines.

I just finished proof reading 'Beads in Motion' and it's looking good.  This will probably be the last task on this one until it is released in fall of this year.  There are some really nice projects, including the first time I've published Rings of Saturn. How could I not, given it was the inspiration for the books title.  Lot's of other cool projects, all incorporating motion of some sort of another.

I am about half way through with the projects for 'The Bead Within' and I am very very happy with how they are turning out.  This one still has a long ways to go though, and all of the writing and illustrating that goes along with it will be complete by mid summer.

I am also curating a third book, and that work will be due in January.  Which is good because it will then leave me time to continue preparations for the Master Class at Bead and Button.  I will be doing a presentation on designing with components and providing lots of inspirational design ideas.

January also will be my first trip to City Beads in Chicago which I am very excited about.  I am hoping for a snow storm that leaves me enjoying the beauty without interrupting the travel plans.  Wish me luck.  And if you are looking for Southern California I will be at Beadology on January 5th.

Also this year in March is Beading by the Bay and my Pacific Morning glory will need to be kitted in three colors.

Also in March Sabine will travel with me down the coast of California, doing a bit of sight seeing as we go, and then joining me in my home studio where I'll be hosting a workshop.  That promises to be a fun time.

I'm going to Bead Creative in New Hampshire in May and meeting a long time Facebook friend for the first time which will be very exciting.  I'll also be meeting a fellow beader who lived in my home town of Norwood Massachusetts and attended the same high school.  She signed up to take my class at Bead Creative. That should be great fun.

Creative Castle, my long term California venue will be in July this year.  I love that I can travel there by train which I will mostly likely do again this year.

In August I'll be at Fusion beads again, and I'll be meeting a friend and enjoying the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle for a second time.

September I will be cruising to Alaska with Dallas Lovett and Nancy Cain.  I loved my first Alaskan cruise two years ago and am super excited that this one will return to the Tracy Arms Fjord which was my favorite visual on the last trip.

I'll also be at Beads Gone Wild in West Palm Beach Florida before getting ready for a month long European trip where I will teach twice in England and then making the trip over to Germany for a long weekend of teaching at Das Perlament.  I'll also land in London and spend a few days vacationing before joining Stephney in the midlands and Lynn at StitchnCraft in Dorset.

When I get home from Germany I have a week off before traveling to Beads by Blanche and there may be one more trip after that!  Planning is still in the works.

So now a session with the planning book, making sure I'm well prepared to meet all my deadlines!


ChrisD said...

Hi Marcia, where are you going to be teaching in England this year? Fingers crossed its not fully booked yet

Marcia DeCoster said...

I'm there in October at Stitch n craft. Things were getting booked up so they added an additional class. I'll be the October 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23

Logarty said...

Hi Marcia, I want you all to be perfect, you have a busy year.

Kelly Dale said...

Wow Marcia, you better get some rest because its sounds like you have a super busy year ahead of you! Congrats on all of these wonderful opportunities

ChrisD said...

Yay! Managed to book onto a class. Now just need to figure out where I'm going! Looking forward to October already.

LUCY said...

Estoy fascinada con los hermosos trabajos que haz realizado..Felicidades.........Felices Fiestas y que el año venidero te llegue con Salud, Paz y Prosperidad.....FELIZ AÑO....

Marcia DeCoster said...

Excellent Chris D, look forward to meeting you.....unfortunately given the state of my memory, you may need to remind me of this conversation. See you in October!