Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paisley Traveling Bracelet

It was my exceptional good fortune to come home from the post office after mailing off the Asian Crane and Kilim traveling bracelets to find on my doorstep a box.....It was the right size, but nobody mentioned wanting to send me one so I was perplexed.

But I carried the box inside and opened it to find Paisley, sent to me by Marty a friend of Sig's who I've never met, but was kind enough to help me along with my quest.

I will tell you that this one's timing was perfect.  I have had quite a lot going on and an awful lot of things to get done and was feeling pretty overwhelmed.  This kindness, and the beauty of this bracelet gave me a moment to pause, catch my breath and feel cared about.

I decided we needed an outing, so yesterday we went to the Fish Market on the water for a sushi lunch, followed by a walk to Seaport Village.

Here is Paisley with the San Diego skyline in the background.

Paisley - Traveling Bracelet
You can see the stormy sky, making for me a perfectly lovely day.

I have loved every bracelet I've visited with, but this one I clamped on my wrist immediately and have worn every day.  First off it fits perfectly.  I suspect all bracelets were made with the same bracelet blank so I'm not quite sure why, but this one just feels entirely right.  Then I laughed as I realized, of course, it's black!  It goes with everyone of my outfits.  This is the second one I just may have to take time out and make.  For now it will travel with me to Santa Cruz, visit the ocean, family and friends before being mailed off early next week.

I do try to be a good steward of the bracelets, playing by the rules, updating the paperwork, providing Sig with posts about their time, and sending them along to someone who's asked.  So should you like to help me with my quest to visit with all of the bracelets, I'd be happy to host another for a week.   You can always check to see which ones I've had here.  For the record, Paisley is number eight for me!


Anonymous said...

If I had stopped at 10 as I originally thought I would, you would be nearly done!! That would be sad. Now you still have a lot to go!! Something to look forward to! :)

Sally Anderson said...

I love that you've had 8. That's so awesome! One thing that will happen when I have the bracelet is this: My daughter is 8 months pregnant and her unborn daughter, Emme, has a heart defect called Critical Aortic Stenosis. She will require surgery instantly the minute she's born. My daughter and SIL have been going through this pregnancy with amazing grace and positivity, refusing to let anyone talk about anything but good outcomes for this baby. The bracelet will spend some time with Emme and her mom, my daughter Brooke for sure! Thank you!