Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bead Dreams

Every year in early spring there is a deadline to submit a competition piece for Bead and Buttons Bead Dreams.  I have previously completed two different collaborations, but this year I wanted to submit a piece entirely of my own imagination and hands.

To follow through on my intent, I labeled a box, selected colors and labeled bits and pieces that I would consider contributing to the design.

mmm…..bronze, fuchsia, purples, greens, golds, a nice mix of my favorites.

I added a nice dose of Swarovski crystals

And then I ran out of steam….I got busy, I gave up, I resigned myself to not finishing, there was too much to do and it all needed to be done and then…….

I gave myself a good talking to and decided that it would only get done if I put in the work, lots of work and if I gave myself permission to let everything else go.  It meant a couple of things got later then was comfortable, but you know in the end nothing earth shaking happened, and guess what?  I finished, I made a piece that I love.  It had the usual ups and downs of any design process, loved it, hated it, wasn't sure about it, and then it was done and I'm very very pleased.  I created photos and I did the paperwork and I submitted it but really the real reward is that I finished.  If it's not accepted I will be more than happy to wear it, maybe not to the grocery store, but I will make Mark take me to fancy dinners weekly and I will find as many appropriate occasions as I can to enjoy wearing it.  The name of the piece is journey as each bit of beadwork came form a previous part of my bead journey.

Now my focus returns to the rest of what needs doing and…..the new airstream.  That story is for another day, and maybe another blog.  In the meantime, where should I have dinner?