Monday, June 15, 2020

Making sustains me

I truly don't know what I would be doing or where my mental health might be if I didn't have the gift of making things.

I still find the magic in taking a raw material and creating something new that never existed before.  Having said that I am finding myself a little scattered with so many different projects that I've had to find some time  to 'focus and finish'.

I'm still playing with shrink plastic.  I created a pendant and offered it as a kit, so I had a LOT of shapes to cut and color.  Thankful for my zoom with friend sessions where we all visit and work on things while we chat about life.

This was another challenge for the shrinkets facebook group using Julie Haymaker techniques.  The challenge was for wings or feathers and so I gave my previously done wings a fairy and turned her into a necklace. 

Here I handwrote words on each of the petals of the lightly molded flower.

I finished my own Love Note sweater  from tincanknits last week and I absolutely love everything about it.  Even the striped sleeve that happened because I would have run out of the darkest of the three gradient set of yarn I was using.  I did make several modifications so if you're interested I am beadartist on Ravelry. This sweater has been knit at least 1,000 times which is wonderful for the designer.  If you use instagram try the hashtag lovenotesweater to see a huge number of variations.  The other fun thing about this sweater is how size inclusive it is, going from a baby to a 5x. The gradient is from Unique Sheep in a colorway I believe was called Santa Rosa.  It was a special yarn they dyed to be able to make a contribution to those effected by the large California wildfires that had happened a couple of years back.  When I realized that the Love Note sweater was written for dk and mohair I knew I was going to use it.  Christina at Chelsea Purls had dyed the most wonderful rose gold mohair and I new it was the perfect yarn to carry with it.  If you don't know unique sheep, have a look at their website.  You can pick  your base, your weight, your yardage, and your color way and they will dye it.  So many pretty yarns.  I did buy myself this years advent kit, due to be shipped in November.  I've never bought one before and I decided this was the year for a treat.

My local friends have all been doing paper piecing so I joined in.  I was not totally enamored at first, but after watching three videos by the designer Tula Pink I learned enough to really improve my technique and now I am totally enamored with everything Tula Pink.  This is one of twelve medallions at the center of the Sunrise quilt and now I have 4 1/2 completed.  I've linked the first of the three videos and from there you'll be able to find the other two.  The first talks about cutting, the second about threads and needles and the third about the sewing.  I was doing so many things wrong.  The videos are really well done in conjunction with the fat quarter shop.  This young woman is a super talented illustrator with a wicked sense of fun when it comes to fabric design.  Her use of color is brilliant and she is a master of her brand.  Quite impressive.

Given that paper piecing has a lot of pieces and you need thread and glue pens and small scissors I made myself a new pouch and added an inside pocket to it.  This pattern is by Erica Arndt on You Tube.

Here is the slightly more colorful love note sweater that I did for my six year old grand daughters birthday, along with a skirt and a pouch.   The pouch was full of her treasured swedish fish candy so it was really the highlight of the day!

I haven't been sewing as much but this is a jacket I did with beautiful fabric that I bought during our trip to Spain with our oldest grand daughter Sam.  It has many fond memories and I'm overall happy with how it turned out.  It was a very old pattern that I had and the construction was a bit odd with a funny underarm gusset.  But I  think it shows off the fabric well.

There is much to be thoughtful about and I am doing my best to listen and learn.  I am so weary of the hate I see played out every day.  I am hopeful that we are ready to have meaningful conversations to create change.  

I hope you are all well and managing to keep your mental and physical health cared for.

When I originally designed the peace sign in beads it was for my friend Rosemary, a friend of of 40 years who always embraced the peace sign.  She just sent a link to this wonderful video reminding me of how much I loved living in Santa Cruz.  Peace Train