Saturday, March 23, 2024

Quarterly makes report!

 I decided that perhaps I should not wait until next January to review some of this years makes, so here we go, although I'm not sure my memory is going to serve.  I'll need to do a little facebook review which is where I often post things.

For some obsure reason I've never had a bowl cozy but I got it in my head that I needed one and then I needed several!  I fortunately read about bowl cozies and realized that ordinary batting should not go in the microwave so I got the special wrap and zap made for the purpose.  They are the perfect fit for my everyday bowls.  This and a silicone topper are perfect for microwaving soup, oatmeal or leftovers and not burning your hands.

I will never ever tire of Tracy Stanleys beautiful embossed metal pieces.  This is an earring kit of hers with my own bead soup and cup chain and I adore then!

I upgraded my sewing machine and included an embroidery module and I'm having all kinds of fun.  this is a bag my noodlehead and a purchased split monogram from OESD.

I made this poor man leave warm San Diego for chilly chilly Marina so the least I could do was make him a cashmere scarf.  This was a purl soho two by two rib on tiny needles in magpile fiber cashmere dk.  He's worth it.

I usually did beadweaving as opposed to bead embroidery because I liked to leave that to the experts in the bead teaching world but it does't mean I don't like to indulge on my own.  This peiece remains like this....I hope soon the inspiration for finising it will strike.

I've been showing a couple of new friends some of the basics of bead embroidery so this pendant was parat of that effort.  I showed them backstitched, peyote bezeling, embellishing and edge stitch.  Fringe will be next.  This one was perfect coloration for a friend so Ive sent it off to be enjoyed.

Sewing is the other thing that occuppies my time.  This is a sugar slip by Tina Givens with a Gypsy jacket, also by Tina.  Fabric acquisition Slow Fiber in Monterey, worn with my Tracy heart earrings.

And finally some end to end quilting experimentation on a mat to go under my sewing machine.

Having just come back from a sewing retreat I have so many more sewing plans!