Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breathtakingly Beautiful

Our ride down the mountain yesterday was made breathtakingly beautiful by a dusting of snow which turned the pine tree covered mountains into a winter wonderland of glistening snow, highlighted by sunlight with a backdrop of the setting full moon.

The evening before we sat in the Dubliner Pub, and reminisced about the weekend, and enjoyed new and old friendships as snowflakes were highlighted in the streetlamps. It was very nice for this Southern California girl who misses the snow.

Me, Sherry, Betcey, Beki

Beki enjoying a well earned Margarita (not sure how Irish that is?) with Sherry looking on

Dustin enjoying a Guiness (it is a pub after all) and Maia. Maia won her Beki made earrings in one of the many weekend raffles. Dustin finished his Sherry project, the beautiful beaded pendant around his neck.

The initial dusting of snow

Our ride home, other then the beautiful beginning, was uneventful, even timing our travel through Los Angeles to be pre-commute hour so that we were barely slowed down. I love that Mark travels with me for many reasons, but I do love being able to use the carpool lanes in LA!

On Thursday I travel to Miami to teach ringlets and urchin lariat. It's bound to be a fun weekend!

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