Sunday, May 23, 2010

Travelling Woman

Could that be a more perfect name for the next little bit of lace knitting I have planned.

Now for the record, I haven't finished the Lace Fichu yet and that will definitely come first, it's halfway and a knit that I really love.

And of course at the moment there is not a single bit of knitting being done, since there is so much beading requiring my attention.

But, I do have a vacation planned with a dear friend this summer. A trip to Nantucket where I've never been and have longed to go. Leisurely days on an East Coast Ocean, my roots, and I am truly looking forward to it.

I think this will be the perfect bit of knitting to take along.

Sea Silk and the pattern for A Travelling Woman, perfect! Susan, my knitting hero cast it on less then a week ago and was close to done when I visited on Friday.


Rebecca said...

That yarn is to DIE for...

SharDon Exclusives said...

Marcia, I know you have fans everywhere but I wonder if any could adore you work more than I? Your creations speak to my soul and I have sooooo wanted to have a copy of your newest book every since it came out. I saved my pennies and your book is on its way!!!! I am so excited. Every day I ask my hubby to check the mail for "THE BOOK!". He is anxious to get it too so I stop nagging him. Just wanted you to know you have one satisfied customer...blessings to you,
ps.s. I am so sorry I don't know a thing about yarns but the colors are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

That's a beautiful yarn. I have cast on Travelling Woman in a dark teal yarn, but now I wish I'd chosen something more suitable for summer.

Michelle said...

The yarn is lovely--I'm partial to green. Can you see me? I'm green with envy! I've been to Nantucket once (loved it) and have been to Martha's Vineyard many times (LOVE IT), but since I've been in the Mid-west, I haven't been. So sad! I hope to go back one day!
Bead Happy!