Monday, July 26, 2010

Niagra Falls!

Here is Chrisina, a beautiful shot I think,
And Barbara who has signed up for all 6 days of class, great shot and look at that gorgeous necklace
And my breakfast! Ton is a delightful host and good cook. Breakfast was a traditional Dutch pancake complete with chocolate shavings.

Another wonderful day at Beads of Colour. Debi made a wonderful lunch of carrot soup, greek salad and various side dishes and desserts. The weather broke and we enjoyed lunching outside with much less humidity.

Success was had by many as the urchin beads came together, and much more fun today.

The evening consisted of a nice meal, of which I've had many in my travels, and then a ride out to Niagra Falls where we watched first a rainbow and then a full moon rise over the falls. The power of the falls, the color, the smell, all were breathtaking and I'm so glad that Dave and Debi were gracious enough to take us on the long ride. Thank you!


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Wow!!! what a beautiful necklace!!!
The pancake looks pretty good too...LOL!!!

Michelle said...

the pancake looks yummy...but I have to make some carrot soup. I haven't had any in awhile. Fall's coming and that means pumpkin soup!
Bead Happy!