Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baby Booties

Occasionally you come here and you get non beading content, this is one of those days.

Our daughter is expecting our third grandchild in the spring and so I have been doing what Grandma's do, I'm making baby clothes.

These are crocheted which is a throwback for me, I haven't crocheted in ages, but they were so darn cute.  The yarn is from knit picks and is the recommended yarn in the pattern.  It is soft and pretty, but it is kind of grabby, so it is hard to pull out if you go wrong.  I should have been smart and done test booties on a little more forgiving yarn.  As it is there are a couple of mistakes in the placement of the crocodiles, but I've decided I can live with that.  I also only did 3 rows of crocodile as 5 seemed like a lot on a baby.

The rib is formed by doing a half double crochet around the post, one in front and one in back which makes them look almost knit.

If you need to make a pair for someone in your life, they now come in toddler and adult size from Bonita patterns.


Rita said...

They are so cute!

Teresita said...

Muy bonitas botitas!!!!