Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's a travel kind of fall

I have lot's of fun travel plans including this weeks trip to Alaska.  My last trip t here was five years ago!  It was a wonderful engagement and I am looking forward to the return.  Mark will join me for the first few days and I hope to introduce him to Seward….he is a tropical kind of guy so the thought of a Moose sighting or a glacier do not hold a huge appeal but the natural beauty there is so breath taking I wanted him to experience it with me.

I'll be home for a couple of weeks in late September followed by New Hampshire in October which I booked purposely to experience some fall foliage!  I'm from Massachusetts and I still miss the brilliant fall colors.  I'll be teaching at Bead Creative including for the first time the Spirit Flight earring!  I'll also be teaching La Navette and I think the two will wear well together.

Next up will be the Tyler Bead Retreat with a Touch of Whimsy.  It turns out this has been a really fun class to teach because it's possible to complete a piece of beaded jewelry in one day (mind you that is not a benchmark, not everyone will, but most complete it or come close to completing it)  How often does that happen, and it's a very fun happy piece of beadwork.  I love how the polaris balls look like they are lit from within!

We'll follow Tyler with Beads by Blanche where Sprockets will have it's debut!  I'll also teach Santa Lucia and Touch of Whimsy.

I fly from New Jersey to Sarasota to stay with friend Pat and teach for the Sarasota Bead Society.  I've made a new romantica and will also teach santa lucia and duomos romantics.  And last but not least I will end up in Georgia at Beadjoux which I very much look forward to.  And now, I must begin packing, I leave for Alaska tomorrow!

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Rita said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you'll be off on your busy schedule again, have fun!