Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AND my Etsy shop is open!

Funny that all the years that Etsy has been around, I haven't been tempted.  The website was serving me well, and I was too busy to sit down and give it any attention, and then......

As we decide what our new life is going to look like I decided that the convenience of Etsy and the ability to maintain it myself would be a huge bonus.

It's not that I couldn't maintain the website, but over the years Mark took it over and it was convenient, until it wasn't.  Often I leave a show with 2 or 3 of a kit and I'd love to be able to offer them to you, but the overhead of putting it on the website and announcing it, for it to be sold out within hours, and then needing to update the website again, well, the onesie, twosies, languished.  This was too bad because there is some pretty things that I may or may not build again but that you may like.  There's also some new things, like the very pretty duomos bracelet in 7 different opal colors, and the sweet little hidden paradise vessel.

So things they are a changing here at MADDesigns.   You can find the Etsy store under MarciaDeCoster.  Since it's easy to update you will see more inventory AND as I move forward I will begin to offer some tutorials of projects that may interest you.

There's a silver version too, but I love the way these opal colors really show themselves off against the gold.

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Marcia L. Balonis said...

Great to see you joining Etsy. It will be a wonderful benefit for those special kits that you only have a few of! It is easy to work with and people are familiar with how to buy things. Yea!!