Thursday, November 16, 2017

End of year, new beginnings

I just taught an amazing class at Beads by Blanche with my friend and collaborator on this project, Tracy Stanley.  It was so right up my alley, sharing techniques with students who were then able to bring their own creativity and skills using our techniques to make something uniquely theirs!

I shared different craw techniques including a split and a split join as well as shaping with counts and sizes and the magnet casing I developed for the Bohemian collection.  Tracy shared her safe clean methods for saltwater etching on metal using stamps and pens to create the resist.  Once etched the resist patterns stay and the rest of the metal is etched.  It's magic!

The two techniques were a beautiful blend, and we had loads of fun.

From there Mark and did some travel to New York City and Massachusestts, visiting friends and family.

Arriving home Monday evening, I felt strangely unsettled.  I've finished up teaching until my one engagement in April of next year and I didn't seem to be able to settle down and gain focus on which of my many desired projects to choose. 

I've got my eye on quilting and sewing art to wear clothing.  Fabric, patterns and books have been purchased and await their turn.  I have some beaded projects I want to complete for myself and some lace knitting as well.  But still I was pacing and not being productive.  Yes it's only Thursday but I want to start being creative for myself and I have so many ideas.

I discovered this morning that it was the state of the studio that was holding me back.  It's way to deep with stuff, feeling cluttered and closing in on me.  It was a hard decision  because I want to just dive into my projects, but what I realized I required is a really really deep clean and re-organization so I can function the way I want to.  I'm talking the kind that may take two weeks even.  Being ruthless with decisions to let go of things that need letting go of and taking the time needed to clean out drawers and arrange them in a way that makes sense.  I will kit much less going forward and my 95 bisley drawers could serve me better if 30 are reserved for future kits and the rest can be used for organizing beading supplies.

It makes sense and I'm hoping it will solve the restlessness I am feeling and free me up to begin new projects with a fresh perspective.  

Wish me luck.  I'm going to give myself the gift of time to get this done without feeling pressured to do it in a certain time frame.  It will take what it takes.  I suppose I should take a few 'before photos' so I can appreciate the difference when I'm done!


Karen Firnberg said...

I actually enjoy cleaning up my beads. You never know what you will find when you reorganize! :) I have to clean up my space fairly frequent. Being a neat beader, I can't take the clutter after a while. Enjoy the process!

Lisa said...

I cannot thank you and Tracy enough for the vast opening of creativity you both started for me. I'd been knitting in most of my spare time; now I'm back to beading. I spent last Friday and Saturday cleaning and reorganizing yarn, beads and now metal, tools and stamps. While there's still more to do, I had to dive into my Bohemian collection. Two straps, a connector, two drops, a button/Romantica focal, a kaput element -- all I want to do is create more! I understand the need to clean and reorganize. Not only does it open up physical space, it opens the mind and heart as well!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Lisa, can't wait to see what you are creating. I know it will be a wonderful collection!

Tahnya said...

The Bohemian Collection is amazing! Are there tutorials for the magnetic component? I'm so intrigued!

Marcia DeCoster said...

So far the Bohemian collection is workshop only. There may be a day it's released but not in the immediate future.